Map of Walleye Regulations for 2017

2017 Map of Walleye Regulations for Lake Erie and the Connecting Waters

The daily possession limit for walleye in Michigan's waters of Lake Erie will remain at six through April 30, 2018.

Michigan's daily creel limit for walleyes on Lake Erie is based on its share of the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) for the lake, which is determined by the Lake Erie Committee under the guidance of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission. The TAC is generally based on overall abundance of walleyes; the committee establishes quotas for each jurisdiction based on the percentage of habitat for adult walleyes in each jurisdiction's waters of the lake. The daily limit is based on a formula that projects how many walleyes anglers can keep but still remain within the quota.

The Total Allowable Catch for Lake Erie for 2017 is 5.924 million fish, making Michigan's quota 345,000 fish.

Michigan's share of annual TAC ... Daily possession limit for walleye
greater than 108,364 ... six (6)
96,958 to 108,364 ... five (5)
85,551 to 96,957 ... four (4)
74,144 to 85,550 ... three (3)
62,737 to 74,143 ... two (2)
less than 62,737 ... one (1)