Current Studies

Study 460. Dynamics of the Lake Erie walleye and yellow perch populations and fisheries.

  • Objective: To develop and verify models for interagency quotas of walleye and yellow perch in Lake Erie with Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario based on annual surveys of fish populations and fisheries.
  • Investigators: Mike Thomas and Robert Haas


Study 466. Fish community status in Saginaw Bay, Lake Huron.

  • Objective: To assess responses of the Saginaw Bay fish community to changing environmental and biological conditions. Of special interest is to monitor the response of the fish community to management actions and nonnative species.
  • Investigators: Dave Fielder (Alpena) and Mike Thomas (Lake St. Clair)


Study 488. Status of the Lake St. Clair fish community and sport fishery.

  • Objective: (1) to measure the relative abundance of yellow perch, forage fish, and juvenile gamefish species in Lake St. Clair, (2) to assess the status of adult gamefish populations in the lake, (3) to document the abundance, growth, mortality rates, and movements of smallmouth bass in the St. Clair system, (4) to document the abundance and distribution of aquatic plants in Lake St. Clair, (5) to monitor trends in sport fish catch rates for the Lake St. Clair sport fishery.
  • Investigators: Mike Thomas and Robert Haas


Study 491. Evaluation of lake sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens populations in the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair, Michigan.

  • Objective: To: (1) Determine spawning period, areal distribution of spawning activity, and characterize spawning habitat in the St. Clair River; (2) Determine early (juvenile) life history of lake sturgeon in the St. Clair River and Lake St. Clair and identify habitat requirements of young lake sturgeon; (3) Document lake sturgeon population parameters for Lake St. Clair and the St. Clair River, including estimated abundance, exploitation, age composition, growth rate, and age/sex composition of the spawning stock.
  • Investigators: Mike Thomas and Robert Haas