Staff & Contact Information

Institute for Fisheries Research
400 N. Ingalls
NIB G250
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5480

734-663-9399 (fax)

Cooper, Arthur, Natural Science Research Assistant, UM. (GIS Specialist), 734-663-3554
Forsyth Kilijanczyk, Danielle, GIS Analyst, 734-663-8024
Mason, Lacey, GIS Analyst., 734-663-3554
Muha, Ken, Volunteer. Library services., 734-663-3554
Su, Zhenming, Ph.D., Research Biology Specialist. (inland creel specialist, fish population dynamics modeling, and Bayesian statistics), 734-663-3554 ext. 12355

Sutton, Alan, Research Technician Supervisor, Statewide Angler Survey Program (SASP), Inland Lakes Status and Trends Program (ILSTP), publication illustrator, oversee operations at Saline Fisheries Research Station, and safety officer., 734-663-3554 ext. 11355

Tincher, Tina M., MILS, Librarian., 734-663-3554 ext. 10555
Wehrly, Kevin, Ph.D., Acting Station Manager, Research Biology Specialist; Adjunct Assistant Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment, UM. (streams, lakes, and landscape ecology), 734-663-3554 ext. 12055
Yeh, Ken (Sung-Kang), GIS Analyst., 734-663-3554