Great Lakes trout and salmon provide a world-class sport fishery valued at more than $7 billion. The Michigan DNR manages these fisheries to provide diverse angling opportunities while recognizing ecosystem balance and sustainability. Often stocking or regulation changes, which are the primary fisheries management actions, are conducted to maintain balance. Check out the following documents to get an update on lakes Michigan and Huron salmon stocking strategies, a description of the predatory/prey model (used to evaluate ecosystem balance), and answers to frequently asked questions. The date of the document's addition or update is next to its title.

Lake Michigan stocking options for 2018 and 2019
This document provides details on proposed stocking options for Lake Michigan in 2018 and 2019.

DRAFT Lake Michigan Management Plan
This document sets long-term vision and goals for the Lake Michigan fishery and establishes the process to involve the public continuously to seek alignment on shorter-term strategies and tactics.

Lake Michigan Zonal Management - November 2017
This document provides information on Lake Michigan Zonal Management.

Video: What's really going on with salmon in Lake Michigan?

Summary of the Predator/Prey Ratio Analysis for Chinook Salmon & Alewife in Lake Michigan - May 2017
This document provides information Lake Michigan's fish predator and prey fluctuations.

2017 Lake Michigan Chinook salmon proposed stocking numbers by site - April 2017
Check out this criteria and proposal by the DNR regarding Chinook salmon stocking in Lake Michigan in 2017.

How much do lake trout and Chinook salmon really eat? - May 2017
Check out this article from MSU Extension, U.S. Geological Survey and the DNR on the diets of some Great Lakes predators.

Managing Chinook Salmon in Lake Huron - Spring 2014
Information is available on stocking Chinook salmon in Lake Huron. Visit the document to read it.

Should Lake Michigan Steelhead Bag Limits be Reduced? - July 2015
This document provides information on whether possession limits should be reduced on Lake Michigan to maintain river runs of steelhead.

Why Can't More Yearling Salmon & Trout Be Reared?
Information is available about why we rear the numbers of trout and salmon that we do. Visit the document to read more.

Video: Tracking Changes in Lake Michigan's Fisheries (Nature Change)