Proposed Walleye Management Plan for Little Bay de Noc

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources' Fisheries Division has a proposed walleye management strategy for Little Bay de Noc.

Given the changing environment of Lake Michigan and the desire to improve the use of stocked walleyes, Fisheries Division proposes using several criteria to guide walleye stocking decisions for northern Green Bay waters. The criteria were initially discussed at a May 2011 meeting with stakeholder groups, and refined during five subsequent stakeholder meetings during 2011.

Fisheries Division and representatives from stakeholder groups reached consensus that walleye stocking decisions for Little Bay de Noc should be guided by evaluation of multiple criteria documenting the status of the walleye population and its forage base. The proposed criteria describe:

  • Trends in walleye abundance;
  • The amount and sources of walleye reproduction; and
  • Predator-prey balance (prey fish abundance and walleye growth).

For additional information on the walleye management strategy for Little Bay de Noc, please review Fisheries Division's summary.

Check out the full walleye management strategy document for Little Bay de Noc as well.