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Fishing in Michigan
Michigan residents and visitors are fortunate to have an abundant supply of freshwater inland lakes, streams and Great Lakes that provide a variety of recreational fishing opportunities. Annually, it is estimated that two million residents and visitors fish Michigan waters. Michigan's recreational fishery has an annual economic value of more than $2 billion and provides more than 15,000 jobs statewide.

Michigan Inland Waters Fishing Guides
Since 2006, Inland Fishing Guides in Michigan have been required to obtain written permission in the form of a lease in order to use state owned public water access sites. Guides pay an annual Use of Land fee and must also provide proof of insurance and be a licensed Inland Pilot or Coast Guard Captain. Use of Land fees are used by the Department for maintenance of state forest lands, including public water access sites.

Finding a Fishing Guide
As a public service to the Inland Fishing Guides and the fishing public, the Department is providing the following directory to help put Michigan sportspersons in contact with a fishing guide authorized to do business on state lands. This listing is provided solely as a convenience, and the Department does not endorse or certify a guide's knowledge or ability.

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