What You Need to Know

Asian carp are a series of highly invasive fish species capable of causing economic, ecological and human health harm. The Michigan DNR considers five species of carp that are native to Asia to be a threat to Michigan and the United States. Those species include bighead carp, black carp, grass carp, silver carp and large-scale silver carp. These species are large, filter-feeding fish capable of consuming vast quantities of microscopic plants and animals daily and have the potential to disrupt the Great Lakes food chain. While bighead, silver, black and large-scale silver carp are not currently established in the Great Lakes or Michigan's inland waters, grass carp can be found in isolated waters in Michigan and the Great Lakes region. All five species are illegal to possess, transport live or stock within Michigan.

Bighead and silver carp species are of particular concern. They are spreading throughout streams, rivers and lakes in the Mississippi River Basin and are just a few miles from Lake Michigan near Chicago, Illinois. All anglers are asked to report any different or unusual fish they catch that may be Asian carp to the DNR. Special attention should be paid when fishing in areas of Southern Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.