Fly Fishing in Michigan

  • The World of Fly Fishing Fly fishing can be a fun way for new anglers to get outdoors, or it can present a new challenge to hook-and-line anglers. It is a skill that must be acquired through steady practice and can bring people much satisfaction upon mastering.

New to Fly Fishing? Learn How to Get Started

  • Equipment Rod and reel used for fly fishingBasic fly fishing equipment includes a rod, reel, fly line and leader. Instead of using bait, fly anglers use artificial flies.
  • Flies: what you might need Close up of dry flies used for fly fishingWhen you fly fish you're attempting to fool the fish into thinking your fly is its natural prey. Flies are made specifically to imitate the foods fish eat in terms of size, color and shape. They can be homemade or bought in different sizes and patterns.
  • Grip & Casting Diagrams There are numerous casting techniques you can use when you go fly fishing. The important thing to remember is that it takes practice to perfect these casts.
  • Techniques Learn how to fish ponds, lakes, streams and rivers.
  • Fly fishing knots to know

    It's essential to know some basic knots when learning how to fly fish.

  • Classes/Workshops/Instruction Would you like to build your fly fishing skills? Consider finding a class or workshop in your area that can help.
  • Species to target

    While many people usually think of fly fishing as exclusively targeting trout, you don't have to just target trout when you go fly fishing, lots of other fish species can be fished with flies!

  • Discover places to go with Trout Trails tool

    Want to target trout while fly fishing? Discover some of the best places in Michigan to go with our online tool.

  • Glossary of fly fishing terms All the fly fishing terms you need to know, and their definitions!