The World of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing can be a fun way for new anglers to get outdoors, or it can present a new challenge to hook-and-line anglers. It is a skill that is acquired through steady practice and can bring people much satisfaction upon mastering. Fly fishing is not a difficult activity to learn. Your age doesn't matter.

Spotting a feeding fish, making the correct cast, and then seeing that fish take your fly is one of the main reasons why many anglers enjoy the sport of fly fishing. Michigan is blessed with an abundance of quality waters that are perfect for this type of activity. While on the water fly anglers target a variety of species; including trout, bass, panfish and other sport fish. With enough practice and becoming familiar with the waters you want to fish, nearly any type of fish can be enticed with a strategically-placed fly. Michigan's world-class fisheries provide plenty of opportunities to test your skills.

It should also be noted that Michigan has repeatedly been included on Field & Stream's list of the top fly fishing destinations in the country, providing additional proof the fly fishing resources in this state are top notch.

It should be noted that many fly anglers participate in catch-and-release fishing, rather than catch-and-keep fishing. This allows fish to survive so anglers can catch them again or so fish can live to reproduce. The DNR provides lots of information about catch-and-release fishing in this technique article.

Much of the information on this section of the website is courtesy of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Flygirls of Michigan and Red Cedar Fly Fishers.