Have a fun day on Sunday (Lake)!

scenic shot of Sunday Lake from shorelineSunday Lake in Gogebic County is a fairly shallow impounded body of water, created for water use back in the days of mining. Located in the village of Wakefield, it's accessible to all types of recreators.

Today more and more canoers and kayakers flock to Sunday Lake to fish or to take advantage of the various other amenities.

George Madison, the local DNR fisheries biologist who helps manage the lake, explains that a survey done on Sunday Lake in 2009 indicated it has good fishing available - including walleye that are reproducing naturally in the system.

"Seventy-nine percent of the walleye we caught during the survey were of legal size or better," Madison shared. "We stock walleye fingerlings there on even numbered years, most recently in 2016 when a little more than 5,000 fish were stocked."

More walleye will be stocked this summer and another fisheries survey is scheduled for Sunday Lake in 2019.

Aside from walleye, this 246-acre lake has plenty of other fish species including yellow perch, bluegill, northern pike, black crappie, sunfish and largemouth bass. This diverse mixture, plus the ease of access, were two of the reasons Madison added Sunday Lake to the DNR's Family Friendly Fishing Waters website which boasts waterbodies that are perfect for novice anglers.

"Most of the shoreline is a grassy, lawn-type setting. People can walk around the lake on paved sidewalks," he said. "Plus there are two fishing docks where you can fish or you can also easily cast from shore."

On the north side of the lake is a township park that offers a day-use area, rustic and modern camping (with their various amenities), a shaded pavilion with picnic tables and a swim beach.

"The park is managed by the city of Wakefield and I am continually impressed with how clean and nice they keep it," said Madison. "It is in excellent shape and a great place to visit."

When you're done exploring Sunday Lake there's even something for more avid anglers, particularly those who like to target trout. Madison shared that a number of rivers that flow into the Black River Watershed are within a short distance and offer great opportunities to target brook and brown trout. On top of that you're only about 15 miles from Lake Superior!

Surprisingly, Sunday Lake isn't targeted much by ice anglers, although Madison thinks that could be a missed opportunity, so you might want to give that a try as well.

Want to learn more about Sunday Lake? Check out its Family Friendly Fishing Waters profile online.