Weekly Fishing Report

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NOTE TO ANGLERS: This report is intended to give anglers an idea of fishing conditions around the state. The updates come from a combination of creel clerks and other DNR staff around the state and reflect past fishing conditions over the last seven days. Due to the nature of the Great Lakes, fishing conditions on them can change daily if not hourly based on wind and rain events.

Thursday, May 5, 2016
Weekly Fishing Report

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Bass fishing continues to improve as water temperatures warm. The trout opener was off to a slow start but anglers did manage to catch some brook and brown trout on the inland streams. Cooler temperatures to the north have resulted in slow catch rates for panfish.


Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Catch rates for walleye and angling effort were lower this past week. Cooler temperatures, easterly winds, and turbid water have kept some away but those using hair jigs with or without minnows and blade baits have caught some fish. Anglers did best near Stony Point, La Plaisance Bay and the Dumping Grounds with crawler harnesses and Erie Dearies. Hot colors were chrome, purple and fire-tiger. Those targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass had good catches with a jig and tube combos. Largemouth bass, white bass and channel cats were caught in Plum Creek.

Oakland County: Bass fishing remains on both lakes. A couple smallmouth were seen bedding in the shallow flats. Try jerk baits in the shallows or lipless crank baits in deeper water. Bluegills are still being caught in the canals and coves. No crappie but anglers continue to look for them. A few walleye and pike were caught.

Lake St. Clair: There has been very little fishing pressure on the north end. The catch and immediate release bass season is in full swing in waters 4 to 10 feet deep along the Mile Roads, near Selfridge and the Salt River. Purple and green were the hot colors. These anglers also caught sizable pike. Perch and sunfish were still being caught on crawlers near the Clinton River cutoff launch. Bluegills and pumpkinseed have been caught in the canals and marinas.

St. Clair River: Walleye fishing was good in the Marine City and Algonac areas where jigging during the day and whipping after dark produced the best. A few trout and salmon continue to show up throughout the river as the water temperature remains in the low 40's.

Lexington: Fishing picked up with anglers taking many lake trout along with a mix of Atlantic salmon, steelhead, chinook and coho. Most were caught in 35 to 45 feet but some boats in search of bigger fish were heading out as deep as 80 to 100 feet. Body baits and spoons were the ticket. Pier fishing was slow.

Harbor Beach: Limits of lake trout are being taken north and straight out of the harbor. Anglers are using dodgers with spin-glo's or clean spoons just off the bottom in 35 to 80 feet. Hot colors were white and froggie dodgers with white and pink dots or bright yellow with green and orange spin-glo's. Fish were also taken on green, blue and perch colored spoons. Some salmon and steelhead were caught 30 to 55 feet down on black and orange, green, white or yellow spoons.

Saginaw Bay: With eight straight days of moderate to strong northeast winds, fishing was pretty much a bust but was starting to improve as the winds die down. Those that did head out managed to catch very few walleye. Shore fishing was slow.

Tittabawassee River: Had walleye but with the late opener, a lot of the fish had already left the river and the harvest was dominated by small males. Walleye fishing here will taper off quickly over the next several days as the fish continue to drop downstream. The better fishing was between midnight and 10am. A few limit catches were reported and most boats had some fish but a few were skunked. The better fishing was in the lower river near the Center Road launch and good upstream as far as Imerman Park but tapered off upstream from there. Those fishing near the Dow Dam were catching and releasing a lot of smallmouth bass. Fishing around Freeland was so-so. The best bait was an orange jighead with a shiner but those casting or trolling crank baits also took fish.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The inland lakes are producing some bluegills and crappie. The yellow perch bite was good but now the fish are just about done spawning.

St. Joseph: Pier fishing is very slow for all species. Boat anglers targeting salmon are catching a few coho and lake trout in waters up to 60 feet deep but a few fish were found in 100 feet or deeper. Spoons work best. No perch to report.

South Haven: Lake trout fishing continues to be very good in 45 to 65 feet with cowbells and spin-glo's. Pier fishing was very slow. No perch to report.

Kalamazoo River: Steelhead fishing has slowed as the run is pretty much over. Anglers have caught a few bass, some panfish and lots of suckers.

Grand Haven: Coho were caught on bright colored spoons and flasher/fly combos 50 to 150 feet down in 180 to 260 feet. Those trolling near the pier heads found a mix of coho, chinook and brown trout. Boat anglers reported the yellow perch action as hit-or-miss. Pier fishing was slow.

Grand River at Grand Rapids: Walleye and channel cats have been caught below the 6th Street Dam. The catch and immediate release bass season has been good with a fair number of smallmouth caught.

Rogue River: Was still producing the occasional steelhead. A couple brown trout were caught opening weekend.

Muskegon: Pier fishing for brown trout was slow. Those out trolling 30 to 140 feet down in 180 to 240 feet found some coho salmon. Try orange spoons up higher and flasher/fly combos down deep.

Muskegon River: Still had some steelhead on the gravel but the run is winding down for the most part.

Whitehall: Had few anglers targeting steelhead and brown trout from the piers. Walleye anglers were still taking fish after sunset with countdown rapalas, plastic swimbaits, or jigs with plastics or minnows.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Cheboygan: The fish cleaning station was still closed however the docks are in and the ramps are open. Fishing activity remains very light.

Cheboygan River: Is producing good numbers of steelhead, suckers and walleye. Steelhead were caught on spawn, jigs and worms. Walleye were hitting on jigs, crawlers and stick baits. Suckers were caught on crawlers and spawn. Northern pike and smallmouth bass are also in the river.

Rogers City: The marina is open and all the docks are in. When anglers can get out, a few lake trout were caught along the shoreline in shallow waters and out to waters 60 feet deep with high-lines. Out deep, fish the bottom with cowbells or dodgers with a spin-glo. Hot spots were Swan Bay or Adams Point. Atlantic salmon should start showing up anytime so try Swan Bay, Calcite Harbor or the breakwall with bright colored spoons and body baits. Good colors to try are orange, silver, green, chartreuse or yellow.

Presque Isle: Atlantic salmon were caught in the North Bay, directly out of the harbor and near Stoneport. Try spoons and body baits in green, silver, orange, and yellows. Lake trout were caught north of the marina between the two lighthouses in 20 to 90 feet with dodgers or cowbells and spin-glo's just off the bottom.

Alpena: Boat anglers trolling for lake trout and walleye in Thunder Bay had limited success. Bass anglers are doing well in the shallows.

Thunder Bay River: Steelhead are still moving up the dam and have been caught while drifting spawn and trout beads or casting small spoons and spinners.

Oscoda: Pier fishing is starting to pick up as those casting late at night have caught walleye and lake trout on spoons, body baits and stick baits. A couple steelhead and Atlantic salmon were caught on minnows in the early morning or evening.

Tawas: Pier anglers took a couple walleye when casting body baits. Walleye and pike were taken off the mouth of the river.

Au Gres: A couple boats did get out and caught walleye in 10 to 25 feet between Point Lookout and Pointe Au Gres. Shore anglers caught a couple of pike near the mouth of the river.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Petoskey: The breakwall remains slow with very few anglers out and about.

Bear River: Water levels were a bit high and steelhead fishing was slow. The few taken were at the dam or in the rapids between the bridges below the dam. Spawn bags worked best. Suckers were still in the river but the number of fish was down from last week.

Charlevoix: There were a few boats out targeting lake trout in the early morning. Those that fished the earliest did best at both North and South Point with spoons. The fish were suspended from 30 to 40 feet down in 40 to 60 feet.

Traverse City: In the East Bay, cisco's were caught along the east side of Old Mission Peninsula. Those trolling have also caught lake trout. The steelhead run below the dam in Elk Rapids remains very slow. In the West Bay, catch rates for lake trout increased for those trolling.

Boardman River: Trout anglers had more success catching brown trout than steelhead; as the run has really slowed. The few that have been caught were taken in the early morning.

Frankfort: Had slow fishing. Those trolling in the harbor or the surf have caught lake trout and brown trout on spoons and plugs.

Portage Lake: Had slow fishing with only a few perch taken on minnows over near the outlet.

Manistee: Surface water temperatures were about 46 degrees. Pier anglers were still picking up a few perch. No big numbers but a few walleye were caught between the piers. The number of boat anglers is starting to increase.

Manistee Lake: Both large and smallmouth bass fishing were slow throughout the lake. Those that did manage to catch a few fish were working the drop-offs and the deeper shorelines with crank baits or rubber worms.

Big Manistee River: Anglers have been steadily landing steelhead up near Tippy Dam and fresh fish were still moving in. Most were hitting on fly's, beads, spawn and yarn. Chartreuse was the hot color. Anglers are still catching some white suckers however the redhorse suckers are moving in.

Ludington: Had surface water temperatures about 48 degrees. Pier anglers were getting few trout but those fishing outside the piers were taking a good number of lake trout. The restrooms by the north pier are now open.

Pere Marquette River: Reported good catches of brown trout. Steelhead fishing continues but once the warm weather hits, it will wind down quickly.

Pentwater: Pier fishing remains slow but water clarity has improved. Some reported catching walleye at night and in the early morning when casting rapalas and swimbaits. Those trolling in 30 to 70 feet between the piers and Juniper Beach have caught lake trout.

Pentwater Lake: Anglers are starting to target northern pike and walleye with live bait or when casting and trolling rapalas. Boat and shore anglers targeting perch and crappie had limited success. A few brown trout and pike were caught in the channel on shiners.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: Those trolling found the bite to be up and down. When the bite is on, anglers caught mostly coho mixed with steelhead, brown trout, lake trout, splake, and chinook. They were trolling 25 to 45 feet down in 30 to 70 feet with spoons and body baits in a variety of colors. Trolling speeds were between 1.9 and 2.3 mph. The occasional steelhead was still being caught in the Falls River. A mix of trout and salmon were caught off the rock dock near the L'Anse Marina. Those jigging for Lake Whitefish had good success when jigging east of the Baraga Marina in 80 to 95 feet. In Traverse Bay, lake trout were caught between Big Louie's, Gay Point and Five Mile Reef when trolling in 130 to 150 feet. Those jigging for lake trout did well near Black Point, Gay Point and Big Louie's Point in 145 to 240 feet.

Little Bay De Noc: Perch anglers are still reporting fair to good catches in 22 to 35 feet between the Center and the Third Reefs when using minnows and crawlers. Perch were caught in the Escanaba Yacht Harbor but many were small. Most were using crawlers when casting from shore or fishing around the docks. Smallmouth bass anglers reported fair catches around the mouth of the Ford River when casting spinners or plastics along the rocks and off the banks. Water temperatures have increased to the low 50's so the bass activity should pick up.

Big Bay De Noc: Perch fishing in Garden Bay has slowed even though anglers were still marking good numbers of fish. Most were males or spent females. Anglers have switched to crawlers and fishing the west bank. Smallmouth anglers fishing the South River Bay area reported a few catches.

Munising: Boat anglers did poorly trolling for coho within the bay. Reports say a few chinook were caught with quality fish up to 10 pounds. Boats did better near Trout Bay and the surrounding areas in less than 40 feet. Pier anglers caught a few splake up to 19 inches when using spawn.

Grand Marais: Pier anglers report mixed results for whitefish with most catching only a few over several hours of fishing. Boat anglers did well for coho salmon when trolling east of the Sucker River in shallow water 15 feet or less. Coho and steelhead were also caught. Water temperatures warmed to 40 degrees and warmer.

St. Marys River: Fishing over the last week was slow up and down the river. Water temperature is averaging 43 degrees in most areas. The Ashman Bay boat launch above the Soo Locks is a great place to launch and go fish for yellow perch in the shipping channel. A few have been caught at the green # 8 buoy in 30 to 35 feet with perch rigs and shiners. There was some effort by those still-fishing for coho and rainbow trout near the Cloverland Electric Power Plant but no fish were caught. Most were drifting spawn bags or casting 3 inch spoons. Lake George on the east side of Sugar Island has been producing some yellow perch off Hay Point in 40 to 50 feet with perch rigs and shiners. The fish were running 7.5 to 10 inches and some still had eggs. Bay Dewausi off Lake Nicolet has not had any fishing effort for the past 4 weeks. Water levels have been rising for the past 3 years in this bay, so it might be productive for yellow perch if anglers wanted to try fishing it once again. Raber Bay has not seen much fishing effort. Those looking for perch might want to try the north side up to Fisherman's Pointe in 4 to 8 feet while drifting minnows along the abandoned weed beds because water temperatures here seem to be warming up faster.

Detour: Still had no angler activity. The docks were in at the ramp near the marina but the DNR launch had no docks in yet.

Cedarville and Hessel: Boat anglers in Cedarville had fair to good success for yellow perch. Anglers were putting in significant time catching between 5 and 10 fish per hour and sorting out the small ones. Recently, worms were better than minnows when fishing near shore around the docks and other structure. Hessel had good splake fishing for those using smelt with slip bobbers and fishing right off the bottom. Early morning was best. Yellow perch moved in around the marina docks at Hessel but anglers were frustrated as they could see the fish but they would not bite. Worms were a bit better than minnows. The fish range 8 to 11 inches. A couple pike were caught by those trolling.

St. Ignace: The fish cleaning station remains closed and angler activity remains light. The Carp River still has a good number of steelhead being caught on spawn. Suckers are still present as well.

Enjoy your catch! Eat safe fish! Learn about eating safe, local and healthful fish from our Great Lakes State at: Michigan.gov/eatsafefish.