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Weekly Fishing Report

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Weekly Fishing Report

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Though angler participation is dropping, this is still a great time of year to go fishing especially if you want to avoid the crowds. Target bass, pike, walleye and panfish.

Southeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Lake Erie: Perch were hard to locate but once found were caught near the mouth of the Raisin River, Buoys 1 & 2, the Dumping Grounds and Turtle Island. A lot of small throwbacks were mixed in with the keepers. Anglers can also try near Stony Point. A few walleye were caught on minnows by those perch fishing in 24 feet off the Fermi Power Plant however not many were caught on crawler harnesses or crank baits.

Huron River: Is producing a steelhead here and there for those fishing between the mouth and Flat Rock. Most are fishing off the parks with a spinner.

Detroit River: Perch fishing continues to get better for those fishing around Celeron Island and in front of Rat Island. The fish moved in and were caught in 8 to 10 feet but move deeper to 14 feet if you do not locate any. Anglers are using perch spreaders with silver blades and minnows.

Portage Chain-of-Lakes: Bluegill fishing remains good on the entire lake system. Canals and near the mouth of the rivers seem best. Anglers targeting pike and bass did well on Portage and Little Portage Lake when casting spinners or deep divers. A couple crappie were caught on the north end of Portage Lake.

Lake St. Clair: Strong winds muddied up the lake. Water temperatures have dropped to the low 50's. Perch fishing was slow but the panfish action has been good in the canals and marinas. Fishing should improve once the lake clears up.

St. Clair River: Was also muddy after the rain and strong winds. Walleye fishing was good at Marine City. A couple steelhead and lake trout were also caught. Catch-and-release sturgeon fishing continues to be good in the Algonac area. When the water clears up, muskie fishing should be excellent for those casting or jigging along the edge of the delta channel.

Lexington: Pier anglers casting spoons, spinners and crank baits were taking some steelhead. Those using minnows caught some perch but had to sort out the small ones. A couple bullhead were caught.

Port Sanilac: Pier anglers caught a couple steelhead and the odd brown trout.

Harbor Beach: Pier anglers caught walleye off the north breakwall when fishing at night. Spoons and rapalas in fire-tiger were the hot bait.

Grindstone City: Was producing some walleye at the mouth of the channel. Try spoons or rapalas at night.

Port Austin: Walleye were hitting at night at the mouth of Bird Creek and at the end of the north wall.

Saginaw Bay: Some perch were taken along the shipping channel just north of Spoils Island by the few boats that ventured out there. Perch were caught in the Bay Harbor Marina and Bay Aggregate Cuts however the action was not red hot and anglers had to sort out the small ones. Perch fishing from Quanicassee to Caseville was slow and spotty. Almost no boats were out and shore anglers were again sorting through the small ones to find a few keepers. A couple small crappie and a pike were caught in the marina at Sebewaing.

Saginaw River: Walleye fishing in the lower river was very good from Bay City down to the mouth. Most boats were vertical jigging with minnows. Further upstream in Saginaw, they're also getting some walleyes, but the bite was not as hot as it was in Bay City.

Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

St. Joseph: Had slow fishing for all species.

St. Joseph River: The salmon run has ended but still no big push of steelhead through the Berrien Springs ladder yet.

South Haven: Had slow fishing for all species.

Grand Haven: Steelhead fishing improved somewhat over the last couple of days. Pier and shore anglers caught fish on spawn but one was also taken on shrimp. Menominee action was hit-or-miss off the piers. No word on any whitefish caught.

Grand River near Grand Rapids: Is producing some steelhead and the occasional brown trout however brown trout season is closed. Many are floating or bouncing spawn off the bottom but some are using Hot-n-Tot's, #4 spinners or a jig and wax worm. Walleye anglers are getting a few fish here and there.

Grand River near Lansing: Salmon fishing activity is low due to a lack of mature salmon in the river and streams. A few walleye and catfish were caught.

Looking Glass River: A few anglers were out looking for pike but no fish were caught.

Muskegon: Pier anglers were unsuccessful for steelhead. Most were using spawn. Boat anglers were trolling around the piers for steelhead but they had no luck. Most were using stickbaits.

Muskegon River: Salmon fishing is done. Any remaining fish were in pretty rough shape. Steelhead are being caught but anglers are still waiting for the big push of fish. Try spawn or egg flies.

Whitehall: Pier fishing picked up but the action was still hit-or-miss. Those still-fishing with spawn caught some steelhead and the odd menominee. Those casting body baits caught some walleye but the bite was not consistent.

Northeast Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Rogers City: Fishing has come to a standstill as the weather has made it virtually impossible. A couple anglers did make it out but the only thing they caught was a lake trout and that season is closed.

Alpena: If the weather ever improves, anglers should start catching whitefish around the shoals and islands.

Thunder Bay River: Anglers are fishing for steelhead of which are starting to show but in very low numbers. Most are floating spawn under a bobber or drifting it close to the bottom. Artificial flies that look like an egg pattern were also productive. Anglers are casting fire-tiger body baits and rattle traps. A few perch were caught but most were small.

Harrisville: Salmon are pretty much done but a light number of steelhead were reported outside the harbor. Those casting outside the wall caught a couple walleye or steelhead. Walleye seem to be in the area between Oscoda and the Black River. Anglers were casting or trolling small spoons and body baits. Hot colors were blue, orange, black, silver or fire-tiger.

Au Sable River: Walleye were still coming into the river and catch rates were consistent over the last week. Most are casting blue and silver, fire-tiger or black body baits. Walleye were hitting on spoons intended for salmon and steelhead. Only a few salmon are up in the river and they were in pretty bad shape. Some steelhead were hitting on spawn, flies and spinners between the mouth and the dam. Pier anglers were still-fishing with spawn.

Tawas: Walleye continue to be caught at night off the pier, near the State Police Post and out of the Tawas River. A few limit catches were taken which is some good fishing for pier and shore anglers. Perch fishing off the pier was slow.

Au Gres: Fishing was slow with almost no boats getting out. Down at Eagle Bay Marina which is at the end of Sagatoo Road, a fair number of perch were caught inside the marina basin.

Northwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

Harbor Springs: Still had a couple boats going out. Those looking for smallmouth went out to Harbor Point but had no luck. A few perch were caught straight out from the launch and off Wequetonsing.

Petoskey: Had a couple pier anglers targeting steelhead. They were using spawn bags but no fish were caught.

Bear River: A couple chinook salmon were still hanging around below the dam however they were in pretty rough shape. A light number of steelhead started moving into the river but many were on the small side. The fish were hitting on spawn and worms.

Charlevoix: Angler pressure was very low with only a couple people trying for smallmouth bass or walleye in the channel. There have been no reports of any fish caught, including from the slip at the cement plant.

Traverse City: The East Bay was producing a few smallmouth bass in 40 to 50 feet and a few perch were caught along the southeast portion of the bay. Few boats were able to get out because of windy conditions on the West Bay. Those that did only caught a few perch and a couple smallmouth in 30 to 50 feet.

Elk River: Fishing continues to be slow. Anglers were lucky if they caught the occasional salmon, steelhead or lake trout near the dam.

Boardman River: Anglers reported very few lake trout of steelhead caught when floating spawn or casting spinners and body baits.

Platte River: Fishing on the upper stretch was very slow so try below the lower weir. A few salmon were caught on flies and steelhead on spawn. Some fish were on the gravel upstream from El Dorado Park. Those surfcasting at the mouth have taken a couple fish on spawn.

Frankfort: Anglers fishing the both the Elberta and Frankfort piers have caught steelhead on spawn bags. Fish are hitting throughout the day with a little more activity in the mornings. With the recent storms, more weeds are moving into the area which makes shore fishing a little more difficult.

Manistee: Pier anglers and those surfcasting have done well for steelhead when using spawn.

Manistee River: Anglers are definitely seeing steelhead moving up into the river. Some limit catches were taken in the Big Manistee.

Ludington: Pier and shore anglers have done well catching steelhead on spawn.

Pentwater: Pier anglers limited out with a mixed bag of coho, steelhead and brown trout however some days the fishing was great while other days saw no fish caught.

Upper Peninsula Fishing Report

Keweenaw Bay: The bite was very slow. Anglers were trolling spoons in 30 to 50 feet from the head of the Bay and up to Old Mission when the weather allows. Some coho were in the Falls River and at the head of the Bay but fishing was still very slow. A couple lake trout were caught on Farmers Reef, Newton's Reef, and along the US-41 shoreline. In Traverse Bay, a few anglers picked up some lake trout on or near Buffalo Reef and Gays Point when trolling in 30 to 60 feet or jigging in 120 to 150.

Lake Antoine: Had low angler effort. One boat was trolling plastics in 13 to 15 feet for walleye but no fish were caught. Shore anglers were casting for bass but catch rates were low.

Marquette: The lake trout have moved in and the spawn was in full swing. Anglers reported good action off the end of the Lower Harbor breakwall. Boat anglers had mixed results. Catch rates ranged from none to limit catches. A few menominee and whitefish were caught. As for coho, fewer fish were caught over the last week.

Dead River: Catch rates have been poor this fall. Very few anglers have been fishing. Water levels have dropped and the gates on the dam are now closed.

Carp River: Catch rates were very slow and most anglers were not getting any strikes. Only a couple coho were taken on orange spinners. Water levels dropped to normal levels but the water was somewhat turbid.

Chocolay River: Water levels have dropped over the last week. Catch rates were very slow with only the occasional coho or brown trout taken. Spoons and spinners seem to work better than crawlers or spawn bags.

Little Bay De Noc: Walleye anglers reported fair to good catches. Most were trolling crank baits or crawler harnesses in 10 to 28 feet, but the best bite was after dark. Perch anglers reported fair catches off the mouth of the Day's River when using minnows in 16 to 24 feet. Some fish were also caught at the southern end of Butler Island in 5 to 10 feet. Good northern pike action throughout the Bay with the better reports from the mouth of the Day's River in 10 to 20 feet, off the coal piles at Gladstone in 12 to 14 feet, the shipping docks in Escanaba in 12 to 20 feet and in the Escanaba Yacht Harbor when trolling the channel with crank baits, spoons or spinners.

Escanaba River: Anglers have seen salmon up near the 1st Dam but few catches were reported. Most were using spoons or crank baits in the rapids.

Big Bay De Noc: Smallmouth anglers reported fair to good catches from Fayette north to Garden Bluff. Some used plastics but most were drifting sucker minnows along the break and 15 to 30 feet down. Bass anglers reported catching a few walleye in 30 feet off Garden Bluff. Perch anglers reported fair to good catches between Garden Bluff and Ansell's Point. Try minnows in 19 to 40 feet.

St. Mary's River: The Portage Street Canal Bridge just above the Clover Land Electric Power Plant was producing a variety of fish including juvenile chinook, steelhead, and lake whitefish. Anglers are drifting spawn with a 4 ounce sinker and a 3 foot leader with a #12 treble hook. On the discharge side of the plant, anglers had success for whitefish and Atlantic salmon when drifting a slip bobber 4 to 6 feet down with copper or red fly baits on a #12 treble hook. Lake George on the northeast side of Sugar Island was producing yellow perch for those using a pinch of worm or shiners in 12 to 18 feet. A couple nice walleye were taken around Moon Island when trolling planer boards with blue and chrome crank baits. Those drift fishing or vertically jigging also caught fish. Tea Pot Island at the south end of the Rock-Cut was good for big muskie when trolling a 6 inch fire-tiger or perch colored crank bait. A slower trolling speed between 1 and 1.5 mph worked best until water temperatures drop to 45 degrees or colder. Water temperatures in Munuscong Bay were at 49 degrees.

Cedarville and Hessel: Anglers are perch fishing around Connors Point in Musky Bay. Try 10 to 13 feet with minnows. Good pike action in Musky Bay. Anglers are trolling or still-fishing with chubs along the south shore.

Enjoy your catch! Eat safe fish! Learn about eating safe, local and healthful fish from our Great Lakes State at

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