Muskellunge Harvest Tag: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I get a Muskellunge Harvest Tag?
Muskellunge Harvest Tags can be obtained for free only at any license vendor. There are more than 1,700 license vendors in Michigan.

It should be noted that the process for obtaining a Muskellunge Harvest Tag is the same when obtaining a Lake Sturgeon Fishing and Harvest Tag.

2. Do I have to obtain a Muskellunge Harvest Tag at the same time as I am purchasing my fishing license?
No, anglers can obtain a Muskellunge Harvest Tag at any time, it does not have to be done at the time of a license purchase.

3. Who needs a Muskellunge Harvest Tag?
No angler can harvest a muskellunge in Michigan waters without obtaining a Muskellunge Harvest Tag first. Youth anglers under the age of 17 or anglers without a Michigan driver's license (including non-residents) will need to purchase a DNR Sportcard for $1 in order to obtain the tag.

Everyone age 17 or older will need to purchase a fishing license as well as obtain a Muskellunge Harvest Tag.

It's important to note that some exceptions exist, Wisconsin anglers can fish in boundary waters with a Wisconsin license (plus any Wisconsin anglers under the age of 17), but while fishing in Michigan waters all anglers will need to get a tag if they want to harvest a Michigan muskellunge. The same goes for Canadian anglers on border waters and Indiana anglers fishing the few share waters to the south of Michigan.

4. How do I affix the Muskellunge Harvest Tag to my fish?
Anglers will want to validate the tag first before they affix it to their harvested fish.

Anglers will want to peel off the tag and then sandwich a zip tie in the middle of the tag. Fold the tag over the zip tip and then attach the zip tie to the harvested fish.

5. Can I share my Muskellunge Harvest Tag with my fishing buddy?
Absolutely not. The Muskellunge Harvest Tag is not transferable.

6. Is the Muskellunge Harvest Tag required of anglers fishing in muskellunge tournaments?
Any angler who fishes tournaments for muskellunge must have a Muskellunge Harvest Tag. If an angler is practicing true catch-and-release fishing then there should be no issue with law enforcement. However, it will be up to the discretion of the local conservation officer as to what the angler's intent is. If an angler leaves a lake with a muskellunge in their boat or the fish dies while in the angler's care, then they will need to use their Muskellunge Harvest Tag and it will fulfill their one fish per season possession limit. A harvested muskellunge must meet the minimum size limit requirement for the waterbody where it was caught.

7. Am I required to register my muskellunge harvest?
Although not required, we do highly recommend anglers register their muskellunge harvest. This will help the Department of Natural Resources further manage this species.

If anglers are interested in registering their muskellunge harvest, they should visit and click on the Muskellunge Harvest Registration Survey.

8. What's the difference between the Muskellunge Harvest Tag and the Lake Sturgeon Fishing and Harvest Tag?
The Lake Sturgeon Fishing and Harvest Tag is required for anglers to fish for and harvest a lake sturgeon in Michigan. The Department of Natural Resources is interested in how many people are fishing for lake sturgeon, whereas, with muskellunge the DNR is interested in how many anglers are looking to harvest one.

The Muskellunge Harvest Tag is required to harvest a muskellunge and the tag will help the DNR get an idea how many people could be harvesting one each season.