Use local firewood

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reminds visitors to leave firewood at home to prevent the spread of invasive tree insects and diseases.

The issueHauling firewood, even a short distance, from one part of the state to another is a common way for invasive tree insects and diseases to move to new locations, which is devastating to Michigan’s native trees

The emerald ash borer already has wiped out millions of ash trees across Michigan. High-impact diseases, including oak wilt and beech bark disease, now are making their way through Michigan – often helped by travelers with trunk loads of wood harboring unseen fungi that can spread to healthy trees in new areas. 

What you need to know

  • Buy firewood at your destination.
  • In most public and private campgrounds, firewood is available on the premises or from nearby vendors. 
  • When purchasing firewood, look for firewood that has been kiln dried and certified.
  • Burn all wood on-site and do not take firewood home or to your next destination. 
  • For ease in finding a local vendor, use 
  • For day trips that include a cookout, bring charcoal or a cook-stove instead of firewood.    

Please note: The DNR is looking at a number of options to prevent the spread of invasive tree insects and diseases, including a requirement that all firewood brought into the park must be purchased at the park or from a certified firewood vendor within a few miles of the park.