With thousands of registered snowmobilers riding Michigan's nearly 6,500 miles of designated snowmobile trails, safety is the most important aspect of this sport.

Snowmobilers are asked to:

  • Slow Down. Speed is a contributing factor in nearly all fatal accidents. Always keep your machine in top mechanical condition.
  • Don't drink. Alcohol impairs judgment and slows reaction time. 
  • Always wear insulated boots and protective clothing including a helmet, gloves and eye protection. Check the weather conditions before you depart.
  • Never ride alone.
  • When possible, avoid crossing frozen bodies of water. Never operate in a single file when crossing frozen bodies of water.
  • Always be alert to avoid fences and low-strung wires.
  • Never operate on a street or highway.
  • Always look for depressions in the snow.
  • Keep headlights and tail lights on at all times.
  • When approaching an intersection, come to a complete stop, raise off the seat and look both ways for traffic.

Michigan snowmobile regulations
Be familiar with all of the rules and regulations for snowmobiling in Michigan.

Trail signage
To increase safety on the trails, the DNR developed universal snowmobile trail signage to help keep everyone safe on the trails. 

Safety education classes and online safety courses
Snowmobile safety education training and online safety courses are recommended for all snowmobile operators and required for youth between the ages of 12 and 16 years.

Trail grooming safety
Learn about snowmobiler and groomer safety, including tips for encountering grooming equipment on the trail. View Trail Grooming Awareness brochure.