Biking in Michigan

  • Bicycling in Michigan State Parks and Forests There is no better bicycling country than Michigan's scenic and rolling two peninsulas located in the heart of the Great Lakes Basin.
  • Mountain Biking The DNR is committed to promoting responsible mountain biking. Our goal is to find the appropriate balance between access and natural resource protection.
  • MDOT Bicycling Information This page contains a variety of information including safety tips, training and maps.

Safety First

  • Tips for Safe CyclingIntersections — Always be alert at intersections for traffic conflicts. Left turns by cyclists and right turns by motorists are the biggest problems confronting the cyclist.
    Parked Cars — Watch for cars pulling into traffic from a parked position, driveway, or street. Be careful of opening doors and pedestrians getting out of their cars.
    Laws — Obey all traffic control devices, such as stop signs, traffic signals, one-way streets, etc., as if you were operating a motor vehicle.
    Riding — Ride to the right side of the road if possible. Don’t show off by stunting or weaving in traffic.
    Right-of-Way — Rules for right-of-way that apply to motorists also apply to bicyclists. Always give pedestrians the right-of-way.
    Visibility — Wear bright clothing when riding at dusk or dark and use a white light in front and a red reflector in the rear of your bike. Added reflective material on your clothing and bicycle is recommended when riding after sundown.
    Helmet Use — Most fatalities and serious injuries to cyclists are the result of head injuries. Always wear a Snell or ANSI approved helmet.
    Hunting Precaution — Be aware that trails do pass through areas open to hunting during designated hunting seasons. There will be signs along the trail that mark hunting areas.