Trails & Pathways

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    The Michigan DNR offers hundreds of miles of trails and pathways used primarily for bicycling, hiking and cross-country skiing (some also allow horseback riding and snowmobiling). These trails provide scenic routes through the Michigan countryside, running by rivers and through forests or farm country, connecting small communities and many state forest campgrounds.

  • Defining Trails and Pathways Pathways, linear trails, trail camps...there's a lot of different options, and we've compiled this list to help explain what they all are, and what you can do on them. Some are quiet trails for nature walks or cross-country skiing, while others provide the loud, rough and tumble, extreme sports atmosphere. Find out which trails are right for you and your activities.
  • This weeklong celebration features a variety of events in honor of Michigan's extensive trail network, so grab your friends and family, find a trail and let the adventure begin!

  • Trail maps are available from the following websites. Please note that these reports are hosted by third parties and provided for the convenience of our customers. The DNR has no control over the accuracy of content posted at these sites:

Finding a Trail

  • Trail/Pathway Search

    Looking for that pathway or trail to ride your bike? Cross-country Ski? Ride your horse? Use this handy trail and pathway search to find a location in an area close to you!

  • Interactive Map

    Use this interactive map to search by a specific area in Michigan. Just click on the area in which you are interested and this map will provide you with information on state forest campgrounds, state parks, pathways and trails.

  • The North Country National Scenic Trail

    This National Scenic Trail hiking route from North Dakota to New York includes over 1150 miles in Michigan.

Planning & Oversight