Deluxe Cabins Available at Holly Recreation Area

Deluxe Camper Cabin at Holly Recreation AreaThese family-friendly cabins with private access to Wildwood Lake offer two bedrooms, a kitchen and living area and a bathroom. The roomier cabins, which were the first modern cabins in the parks with indoor plumbing, are more spacious than the traditional camper cabin rental units, can accommodate 6-8 adults in 448-square feet of living space and offer a 32-foot long front porch to maximize views and water access.

These cabins are the result of an ongoing partnership between the DNR and the Michigan Department of Corrections, which offers inmates the opportunity to learn building trade skills that can assist them in their reintegration into society.

Holly Recreation Area's 8,000 acres of woodlands and open fields are located in Oakland County and offer an "up north" feeling within an hour of the Detroit metropolitan area. In addition to a beach, boating and fishing opportunities which are just steps from the front doors of the cabins, there is also an adjacent trail that links many other recreational opportunities.

Interior of Deluxe Camper Cabin

Prices are listed at

To check lodging availability or make a reservation, visit or call 800-447-2757.

For more information, please call Holly Recreation Area, 248-634-8811.

Funding for this project was provided from the Park Endowment Fund, which is generated from oil and gas royalties derived from state lands.