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The Rockport Property

Phase 1 - General Management Plan

Table of Contents (485 KB - PDF)
Section I:   Preface and Executive Summary (2,007 KB - PDF)
Section II:  Plan Process Overview (770 KB - PDF)
Section III: Core Values (2,448 KB - PDF)
Section IV: Management Zone Plan (5,980 KB - PDF)
Section V:  Future Plan Inserts (429 KB - PDF)
Section VI: Appendix Part 1 (5,235 KB - PDF)
Section VII: Appendix Part 2 (5,143 KB - PDF)
Section VIII: Appendix Part 3 (2,520 KB - PDF)
Section IV: Regional Recreational Resources (Map) (5,863 KB - PDF)
Section X:  Summary of Regional Recreational Resources (5,691 KB - PDF)

Appendix Materials and printed copies of the report may be requested from:
Debbie Jensen, Park Management Plan Administrator
Department of Natural Resources
Parks and Recreation Division
P.O. Box 30257
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7757
Phone: 517-284-6105
Fax: 517-373-4625