Parks & Recreation Division Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives LogoThe Recreation Division's Green Initiatives Committee is charged with the following:
  • Coordinate roll out of state wide initiatives
  • Designate test parks for implementation of trial initiatives
  • Serve as contact for the field concerning Green Initiatives Program
  • Identify educational opportunities for staff and public
  • Research and identify funding sources to support Green Initiatives program
  • Serve as contact with DMB concerning contracting of green products.
  • Evaluate and quantify success or initiatives.

Visit these web pages to learn more about on-going pilot programs, find out more about each effort and sample additional locations where you can join our efforts to be more "green."

Greg Kinser, Hartwick Pines State Park Supervisor, is the acting chair. Other members include:

  • Carl Lindell, Bay City District Office
  • Karen Gourlay, Maybury State Park
  • Lisa Gamero, Recreation Division Office
  • Karen Edlin, Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance
  • Chuck Allen, Tawas Point State Park and Harbor
  • Tim Machowicz, Sleepy Hollow State Park