What is a park general management plan?

Developing a park general management plan requires logic, teamwork, public involvement and integrity. The plan ultimately should reflect a logical sequence of events and help guide decision making in a carefully considered way. The key to this process is active involvement of DNR staff, state agencies, stakeholders (such as other recreation providers and user groups) and the general public. Public input is an integral part of the development these plans. 

Plan process and timeline - Developing a park general management plan can take between nine and 18 months. The steps include:

  • Conduct internal planning team meetings to gain input from a range of expertise.
  • Provide opportunity for public comment via website and survey.
  • Develop management zone plan (20-year).
  • Incorporate stakeholder input.
  • Develop 10-year action goals.
  • Conduct public input workshop(s).
  • Write draft of final plan and initiate approval process.

Blank Park Management Planning Timeline Graphic

Following completion of the plan, the park will produce a 5-year action plan to identify specific actions hat can be initiated in the next five years, which will reflect the reality of budget and staff resources.