How is a Management Plan Developed?

Developing a general management plan can take 9 to 18 months. Extensive input is sought from visitors, community stakeholders, state agencies and DNR staff. Careful consideration goes into each plan. The steps include:

  • Develop supporting analysis, including natural, historical, cultural, recreational and educational resources available, as we;; as legal mandates, policies and procedures that will affect the use of the park.
  • Conduct internal planning team meetings to gain input from a range of expertise.
  • Provide opportunity for public comment via website and survey.
  • Develop management zone plan (20-year).
  • Develop 10-Year action goals.
  • Incorporate Stakeholders into an expanded planning team.
  • Conduct public input workshop.
  • Write draft of final plan and initiate approval process.

Blank Park Management Planning Timeline Graphic

Following completion of the GMP, the park will produce a 5-year action plan to identify specific actions from the GMP that can be initiated in the next five years, reflecting the reality of budget and staffing resources.