Visitor Services

State Park Office

"VISITOR SERVICES ZONE"This zone encompasses the developed areas required for program administration and operations.  Typically it will include offices, contact stations, maintenance facilities and all related land base required to conduct the business of running a state park or recreation area.

1.   Natural Resources:

  • Natural resources actively managed and modified to support administrative and support activities.
  • Vegetative management (primarily tree removal for safety), is allowed.
  • No hunting.

2.  Historic/Cultural Resources:

  • Cultural resources and structures preserved, adapted or rehabilitated to support administrative activities.
  • Historic structures used before new construction where possible.
  • Non-utilized or stabilized structures are removed.

3.  Recreation Opportunities:

  • None

4.  Education Opportunities:

  • Person to person contact at park headquarters for general information, both verbally and written (brochures, maps, and etc.)
  • Informational Kiosk (etc.)


5.  Visitor Experience:

  • Business and information only.
  • High noise tolerance.

6.  Management Focus:

  • The business of running a park.
  • Appropriate facilities for staff, equipment and materials.
  • Employee safety.
  • Public access to office (UNIVERSAL ACCESS)

 7.  Development:

  • High level of development of facilities for support of administrative activities (i.e. office space, meeting rooms, employee locker room, employee eating area, shop space, storage space and related)
  • High accessibility.