What are Management Zones?

Critical to the management planning process is the identification and delineation of Management Zones. These are areas with defined characteristics and qualities for which there are related user expectations, management guidance and defined levels of development.

In the order presented, these zones reflect a progression from that of the Environmentally Sensitive Zone, which is highly restrictive to use and wholly focused on attaining and maintaining a pristine natural resource environment, to the other end of the spectrum where the Developed Recreation Zone reflects conditions focused on development and visitor use with the natural resources still important, but secondary.

Incorporated in each zone description is direct guidance as to how the four primary components of the Parks and Recreation Bureau's mission statement are addressed in each zone. Those components are: "Acquire, protect and preserve (1) natural resources, and (2) historic and cultural resources, and provide (3) recreation opportunities, and (4) educational opportunities. Additionally, for each zone there will be descriptions of (5) visitor experience, (6) management focus, and (7) development guidance.

The general language found within these descriptions will be used to establish the zones of the park in Phase 1 planning. Once established, these zone descriptions will then be written in the general management plan to be specific to the park and sensitive to the park's significance, unique attributes, and qualities.

Progression of Management Zone Objectives

Zone Descriptions

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