Parks & Recreation Division Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives LogoThe Recreation Division's Green Initiatives Committee is charged with the following:

  • Coordinate roll out of state wide initiatives
  • Designate test parks for implementation of trial initiatives
  • Serve as contact for the field concerning Green Initiatives Program
  • Identify educational opportunities for staff and public
  • Research and identify funding sources to support Green Initiatives program
  • Serve as contact with DMB concerning contracting of green products.
  • Evaluate and quantify success or initiatives.


Greg Kinser, Hartwick Pines State Park Supervisor, is the acting chair. Other members include:

  • Carl Lindell, Bay City District Office
  • Karen Gourlay, Maybury State Park
  • Lisa Gamero, Recreation Division Office
  • Karen Edlin, Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance
  • Chuck Allen, Tawas Point State Park and Harbor
  • Tim Machowicz, Sleepy Hollow State Park