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  • Hemlock woolly adelgid

    Hemlock woolly adelgid was recently discovered in the western Lower Peninsula. This tiny sap-feeding insect is an invasive forest pest that has killed hundreds of thousands of hemlock trees in several eastern states. Officials are currently conducting surveys to assess the situation, but the presence of HWA and its potential impacts on hemlocks are of major concern. An important way to stop the spread is to use local firewood

  • Oak wilt

    Many state parks, recreation areas, state forest campgrounds and other state-managed land have been impacted by oak wilt. The deadly fungus can kill healthy trees within a matter of weeks. Oak wilt is spread by sap-feeding beetles, which are also known as "picnic beetles." To help prevent the spread of oak wilt, do not move firewood and do not prune oak trees during the growing season.

  • Oak wilt at Belle Isle Park

    In fall, 2016, oak wilt was discovered in trees on Belle Isle, Michigan’s 102nd state park. The disease is deadly to trees in the red oak family – oaks with pointed leaves – and can kill a tree in a matter of weeks. The DNR acted quickly to draft a plan to contain and manage the disease in order to protect the historic forest and some of the state’s last remaining Shumard’s oaks.   

  • Use local firewood

    The DNR reminds visitors to leave firewood at home to prevent the spread of invasive tree insects and diseases. Hauling firewood, even a short distance, from one part of the state to another is a common way for invasive tree insects and diseases to move to new locations, which is devastating to Michigan’s native trees. There are a number of things that visitors can do to help, including using local firewood.

    Please note that the DNR is looking at a number of options to prevent the spread of invasive tree insects and diseases, including a requirement that all firewood brought into the park must be purchased at the park or from a certified firewood vendor within a few miles of the park.