Leave the firewood (and invasive species) behind

Invasive insects and diseases have killed millions of trees in Michigan – often after hitching a ride on firewood transported by campers and other park-goers. Hauling firewood, even a short distance, from one part of the state to another is a common way for these invasive species to infest new locations. Examples of invasives species include oak wiltemerald ash borer and Asian longhorned beetle, among many others.

To protect the current and long-term health of Michigan's trees, visitors are asked to either purchase heat-certified firewood sold in parks or purchase firewood that has been certified as heat-treated at local stores and roadside stands. In an effort to save Michigan's trees, the DNR is considering a proposed firewood policy to combat this issue.

Firewood checklist - You can help protect our beautiful state parks and the vast woodlands that are central to Michigan’s heritage, by following these tips:

  • Do not bring outside firewood into the park.
  • Buy firewood at your destination; at most campgrounds, it is available on the premises or from nearby vendors who sell firewood certified as heat-treated.
  • When purchasing at local stores and roadside stands, look for firewood that is heat treated.
  • Do not leave firewood for other campers. Burn all wood on-site; do not take it home or to your next destination.
  • For day trips that include a cookout, bring charcoal or a cookstove instead of firewood.
DNR considering proposed firewood policy
To help curb the spread of invasive species and protect the current and long-term health of Michigan's trees, the DNR is considering a new firewood policy – one designed to still allow visitors to enjoy campfires, cookouts and other recreation around the fire – in state parks and other DNR-managed lands. To provide feedback or ask questions regarding the proposed firewood policy, please email DNR-ParksAndRecreation@michigan.gov.