Equestrian Volunteers

Michigan is blessed with some of the best State Parks in the nation. Millions of visitors from all over the country enjoy camping, boating, hiking and numerous other outdoor activities in Michigan State Parks. The Adopt-a-Park program gives volunteers an opportunity to support the wonderful natural heritage of our State Park system.

The goal of the Adopt-A-Park program is to establish a program that will allow volunteer groups to assist state park staff in maintaining and enhancing state parks. Volunteers wishing to adopt a state park can choose from any of the following volunteer activities:

  1. Spring cleanups
  2. Environmental activities
  3. Accessibility projects
  4. Special Events
  5. Park Maintenance and development
  6. Public information & assistance
  7. Training

A group wishing to Adopt-a-Park must submit an application to the park supervisor of the park they wish to adopt. The activities they perform will be designated by that supervisor.

Requirements to Adopt-a-Park are as follows:

  1. Commit to participate for a two year period minimum.
  2. Complete a total of 400 hours during that two year period.
  3. Consist of at least 6 people who are 18 years of age or older, unless the volunteer group is a school or scout organization.

Completion of 100 service hours will result in the placement of a sign with the volunteer group's organizational name near the state park headquarters.

To Adopt-a-Park, contact your local state park directly or Miguel Rodriguez at 517-284-6127 or via e-mail at

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