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Be a part of improving and preserving state parks, trails and waterways

The Giving Guide to Improving and Preserving Michigan’s Outdoor Resources is our way of providing you with opportunities to help make a difference in Michigan state parks, trails and waterways. Your gift is an investment in the future of Michigan's great outdoors.

Location-specific gift giving opportunities help you find a meaningful project at your favorite parks to support. Projects can be found on the online interactive list, or download a spreadsheet of current project needs. 

Project sizes vary widely and can be something as easy as planting a butterfly garden or as complex as building solar-powered cabins. The following are project examples by expense level. Any size donation can be contributed to any size project.

Level 1 - $25 to $500

Level 2 - $501 to $2,500

Level 3 - $2,500+

  • youth fishing gear
  • campfire rings
  • perennials and native plants
  • picnic tables



  • youth and adult bike racks
  • walking trail fitness markers
  • recycling barrels
  • park benches



  • kids adventure playground equipment
  • athletic complex restoration projects
  • accessible floating fish piers
  • accessible canoe and kayak launches
  • tree replacement program


Ways to Donate
Donations can be made by the following forms:

  • Cash, check or charge - Donate all or part of the cost of a project. Secure credit card payments can be made via the Michigan e-store or by mail.
  • Memorial or Honorarium - Make a gift in the name of a loved one or honor a special achievement. DNR can send an acknowledgment of your gift to that person or family.
  • Life Insurance - Choose the site or project that you would like to support through proceeds from a life insurance policy, where the DNR is designated as your beneficiary.
  • Endowment Fund - Establish an endowment fund for a program or facility to ensure enjoyment by future generations. Donations into the Endowment Fund are invested, with the annual interest earnings being used at the specific park or for the specific project.
  • Stock - Ownership of stock certificates can be donated to the DNR, with proceeds of the sale of those stocks going to the project.
  • Annuity - Designate the DNR as beneficiary or owner of an annuity that, when matured, can fund all or part of the cost of the project.
  • Life Lease/Estate - Stay in your home or residence while establishing a life lease or estate to donate land or property.

In some instances, the DNR suggests that you may want contact your attorney or financial planner to determine the most beneficial way to donate.

Donor Recognition is given for gifts received. Depending on the scale of the donation, recognition may be available through the presentation of a certificate, a plaque or naming of a building. While it's nice to receive formal recognition, the greatest appreciation for donations will come from the thousands of visitors who visit Michigan state parks, trails and waterways every single day. The DNR will make every effort to ensure donor wishes are carried out.

A Giving Guide Success Story

Harrisville State Park Brock DockThanks to your contributions through the Giving Guide, Harrisville State Park was able to purchase and install a Brock Dock beach mat to make the beach barrier-free and accessible to all visitors. Being listed on the Giving Guide website helped to bring this project to the public eye. 

This project and the attention it received on via the Giving Guide helped to bring a group of strangers together who wanted to do something to help make Harrisville State Park that much better for all visitors. Thank you.

For more information or to discuss donations to projects not listed in the Giving Guide, contact Miguel Rodriguez at 517-284-6127 or You can also contact specific sites directly to discuss funding options. Search for contact information at