Michigan Historical Museum - 2015 Michigan Archaeology Day

Date:  October 10, 2015  
Time:  10:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Location: 702 W. Kalamazoo St., Lansing, MI 48915

Future archaeologists show the pinch pots they made at Michigan Archaeology Day.

Here's your chance to meet archaeologists, to learn of their research and to see one-day-only exhibits from their excavations and underwater explorations.

The day will include:

Michigan Archaeology Day is sponsored in partnership with the State Historic Preservation Office, Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Admission for all visitors is free!

The Michigan Historical Museum—flagship of the Michigan Historical Museum System—is located in the east wing of the Michigan Library and Historical Center. Sunday admission and weekend parking are free. Read more Michigan Historical Museum visitor information.

We invite you to explore our online calendar, where you'll find all Michigan Historical Center events throughout the state.


An archaeology information station in the museum lobby offers free handouts about archaeology from the State Archaeologist. Also in the rotunda, you'll find information about the State Historic Preservation Office; the Conference on Michigan Archaeology; the Michigan Archaeological Society; the Michigan Historic Preservation Network and the Michigan Department of Transportation.


11 a.m.
The Cliff Mine and Michigan's U.P. Copper Country
Presenter: Sean Gohman, Michigan Technological University

Hear about Michigan Tech's investigations of the industrial and domestic areas of the Cliff Mine region.

Why Do Archaeology on College Campuses? What Can We Learn?
Presenter: Dr. Lynne Goldstein, Michigan State University

Find out about the investigations that have taken place on MSU's campus.

1 p.m.
Archaeological Recovery of Animal Bone at Two Early Historical Period Sites in Michigan
Presenter: Dr. Terrance J. Martin, Illinois State Museum Society

Learn what animal bones and teeth can tell us about people who lived here in the 17th and 18th century.

2 p.m.
The Ongoing Quest for the Wreck of the Griffon
Presenter: Dr. Dean L. Anderson, State Archaeologist

Has the Griffon really been found? Michigan's State Archaeologist looks at one of the more well-publicized claims of the discovery of the wreck of LaSalle's wooden sailing vessel, lost in the Great Lakes in 1679.

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  • Practice hitting a deer target using darts and an atlatl (spear-thrower) like those used by native peoples in Michigan forests thousands of years ago.
  • Look for pieces of the past in a mock excavation and learn how archaeologists document sites.
  • Practice making pottery much like the way people did a thousand years ago. (Materials donated by Commonwealth Cultural Resources Group)
  • Walk with a Mastodon: Compare your stride and height with those of this extinct animal and learn about hunting ten thousand years ago.
  • Watch how people made stone tools to hunt and butcher game before there were guns and steel knives.

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Museum, Second Floor

Wayne State University Research in Metropolitan Detroit and Southeastern Michigan
Presented by Dr. Thomas Killion and Dr. Krysta Ryzewski, Wayne State University

The Archaeology of the Recent Past: Artifacts and Everyday Life in 20th-Century Michigan
Presented by Dr. Robert Chidester, Mannik & Smith Group Inc.

MSU Campus Archaeology Program
Presented by Dr. Lynne Goldstein and Lisa Bright, Michigan State University

Pits and Pots: Food Storage and Consumption
Presented by Kate Frederick and Susan Kooiman, Michigan State University

Archaeology at Michilimackinac
Presented by Dr. Lynn Evans, Mackinac State Historic Parks

Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project
Presented by Western Michigan University Department of Anthropology

Community-based Archaeology with the Ziibiwing Center of Anishinabe Culture & Lifeways
Presented by Shannon Martin, Ziibiwing Center

Copper from the Drift
Presented by Dr. John Halsey, Former State Archaeologist

Results of Archaeological and Geophysical Research at Three Michigan Sites
Presented by Dr. Sarah Surface-Evans, Central Michigan University

Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
Presented by Wayne Lusardi, State Maritime Archaeologist, Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve

Nautical Archaeology Society Program
Presented by Dr. Mark Holley, Northwestern Michigan College

Old Main Excavation
Presented by Alexandra Conell, Alma College

Oakland University Archaeology Program
Presented by Dr. Jon Carroll, Oakland University

Underwater Robotics and Shipwreck Exploration
Presented by Dr. Mark Gleason, Grand Valley State University

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Updated 09/16/2015