Accessible Hunting

  • Hunting on Game Bird Preserves for People with Disabilities The bill amended Parts 401 (Wildlife Conservation) and 811 (Off-Road Recreation Vehicles) to do the following with regard to activities on a State-licensed game bird hunting preserve:
    -- Create an exception for a person with a disability to requirements regarding the transport and possession of a firearm in a vehicle.
    -- Allow a person with a disability to possess a loaded firearm and discharge it to take an animal from in or upon a vehicle, other than a car or truck, if the vehicle is not moving.
    -- Create an exception to crash helmet and eyewear requirements for off-road recreation vehicle (ORV) users, if an ORV is operated at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour.
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  • Information for Hunters with Disabilities and Permits
  • State Game Areas with Universally Accessible Features
  • Laser Sighting Devices for Hunters with Disabilities
  • Resident Veterans with Disabilities

    +For Michigan residents who are veterans with 100-percent disability or active-duty military, fees are waived for hunting and fishing licenses not obtained through a lottery. Military personnel discount (active-duty status):

    • U.S. military members who are currently federal active-duty status.
    • Qualifying customers must provide proof of military status at the time of purchase as well as while afield and be able to present proof upon request by a conservation officer, a tribal officer, or any other law enforcement officer. Proof of military status may include military ID, leave papers, duty papers, military orders, or other evidence verifying the applicant is a member of the military and has been called to federal active duty.
      1. Michigan residents who are currently in federal active-duty status may obtain hunting and fishing licenses, for which a lottery is not required, free of charge.
      2. Non-residents who are in federal active-duty status and currently stationed in Michigan are eligible to receive resident pricing on hunting and fishing licenses.
    • DNR will perform random audits to verify this information.


  • Use of Ground Blinds on Public Land by Hunters with Disabilities

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