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  • buck whitetail deer in snowy field with trees in background Deer hunting for the young at heart

    There are some pastimes that folks age out of. When was the last time you saw someone much past grammar school shooting marbles or playing jacks? And there are other pastimes that are lifelong activities, like deer hunting.

  • man and two boys wade in a river during a trapping excursion Michigan's trapping tradition, a challenging, time-honored pursuit

    Hunting and fishing have always played major roles in Michigan's heritage. But one natural resources-based recreation coterie, which garners very little attention, is quick to point out that its members’ pastime is at least equally as important – if not more so – as anyone else’s in Michigan history: trappers.

  • Hunter safety instructor teaching female student about properly using firearm Hunter safety education helps keep hunting a cherished Michigan tradition

    Volunteer instructors are the backbone of Michigan's hunter safety program, with about 3,000 volunteers teaching approximately 20,000 students each year.

  • Dad and daughter pheasant hunters, with hunting dog, talk to HAP landowner DNR Hunting Access Program celebrates 40 years

    Michigan is home to one of the nation’s oldest private-public partnership programs, offering financial incentives to private landowners who allow public access to their properties for hunting. The DNR's Hunting Access Program has developed over the past 40 years, initially in the southern part of the state, recently expanding northward.

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    The DNR understands the importance of preserving and enhancing our strong outdoor heritage, and we are committed to making out door education a priority. Programs that interest women, youth and men may be found in the following articles. All are designed to help you learn more about Michigan's natural resources, in order to gain a greater appreciation of the great outdoors and have more fun in the process!

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