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  • A fire crew heads down Marquette County Road 581 toward the Black River Falls Fire. A tale of two fires: DNR firefighters detail differences in Black River Falls area blazes in Marquette County

    Michigan Department of Natural Resources fire officials said some important distinctions played a role in the very different behaviors and outcomes of two fires burning in a jack pine barren — years apart, but geographically close to each other — in Marquette County.

  • DNR fisheries assistant Jason Pauken shows off a St. Clair River sturgeon. Climb aboard as the DNR surveys lake sturgeon

    The DNR has been monitoring sturgeon populations on the St. Clair River for the last 25 years with a technique that is as old as fishing itself. DNR crews use set lines that are anchored to the bottom of the river channel and sport numerous hooks to catch and tag the mysterious prehistoric fish.

  • four female deer in a field with forest behind them Bovine tuberculosis - a disease still worth fighting

    After more than two decades of study and testing white-tailed deer for bovine tuberculosis, Michigan has become world-renowned for its research and expertise on managing this serious contagious disease. Over this time, DNR wildlife managers have learned a great deal, including that continued assistance from hunters and others remains vitally necessary to make significant gains in battling bovine tuberculosis into the future.

  • Michigan 32nd Infantry Division marching in 1919 parade. Photo courtesy Walter P. Reuther Library. These flags flew: Revisiting Michigan's World War I flags

    The Michigan History Center in Lansing, a division of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, preserves and displays the state's military flags, allowing Michigan residents to connect visually with the past, adding depth and color to their appreciation of wars that gripped our nation and greatly changed Michigan and the country.

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  • Showcasing the Department of Natural Resources

    The DNR understands the importance of preserving and enhancing our strong outdoor heritage, and we are committed to making out door education a priority. Programs that interest women, youth and men may be found in the following articles. All are designed to help you learn more about Michigan's natural resources, in order to gain a greater appreciation of the great outdoors and have more fun in the process!

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