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DNR fisheries technician supervisor flips a walleye into a holding tank on the electro-fishing boat.DNR collects walleye eggs for hatchery program As many anglers know, much of Michigan's inland-waters walleye fishery is supported by hatchery-raised fish. What many don't know is that the source of those fish - the Muskegon River, below Croton Dam - is supported by hatchery-raised fish, too.
Mark Tonello, Michigan DNR fisheries biologist, holding a large trout, lake and trees in background.DNR fisheries experts offer opening-day tips There's little doubt that the last Saturday of April is one of the biggest days of the year for Michigan anglers. It marks the opening day of trout fishing, statewide on more than 80 percent of the state's trout streams, as well as the season opener for walleye, pike and muskellunge on the inland waters of the Lower Peninsula. A fair number of DNR fisheries personnel take to lakes and streams as well - hear what some of them have to say about opening-weekend opportunities.
Jacket said to be worn by Michigan lady at Ford Theater the night President Lincoln was shot there.'Conceived in Liberty' exhibit delves into personal Michigan Civil War stories As the nation approaches the 150th anniversary of the end of the U.S. Civil War, the current special exhibit at the Michigan Historical Center's museum - "Conceived in Liberty" - tells the personal stories of Michiganders who were involved in the final years of the war. The exhibit takes visitors through the end of the war, Lincoln's assassination and the two decades that followed, showing how Michigan was involved in and affected by the war and its aftermath.
Craig Kasmer leads visitors to the sugar bush at Hartwick Pines State Park on Maple Syrup Day.Maple Syrup Day a cure for cabin fever at Hartwick Pines State Park Not a lot of people associate March with state parks, yet the last Saturday in March is one of the biggest days of the year at one of Michigan's premier state parks. At Hartwick Pines State Park, Maple Syrup Day attracts hundreds of visitors for demonstrations of the syrup-making process - from tree tapping to sap boiling - and the opportunity to buy Michigan-made maple syrup.
Green frog, partially underwater, with head and top of body above the water.Michigan frog and toad survey hits 20-year mark Michigan's amateur herpetologists will go afield over the course of the next several months, listening for the songs of frogs and toads across the state. This annual survey - now in its 20th year - is proving to be an important tool, as wildlife officials try to keep track of what's going on with the state's amphibians. The surveys give the DNR indications of the direction of population trends for the various species in Michigan.
line of students with bows and arrows in front of targets, ready to shoot for archery tournamentArchery in the schools program 'just keeps growing' More than 600 students participated in the 2015 statewide archery tournament for youngsters in the National Archery in the Schools Program. The program is designed for students in fourth through 12th grades. It's about archery as a recreational activity, a sport and a learning experience. According to the teams' coaches, it's succeeding on all those levels.
Working within a fen, volunteers at Brighton Recreation Area cut invasive plant glossy buckthorn.Volunteers lend essential support to state parks' effort to eliminate invasive plant species A crew of volunteers at Brighton Recreation Area recently cut down invasive glossy buckthorn and treated the stumps with an herbicide that will kill the plant, allowing the native species to prosper. Brighton Recreation Area is one of many state parks where volunteers help maintain and preserve the natural habitat through stewardship days. For more information, check out the DNR's Calendar of Volunteer Stewardship Workdays.
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Tammy Newcomb, DNR senior water policy advisor, on silver carp eDNA finding, WGVU 10/14/14 Podcast Icon
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Phil Porter on family-friendly Mackinac State Historic Parks events, WGVU 8/12/14 Podcast Icon
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DNR Segments from Q1 Buck Pole These short video segments from the Q1 Buck Pole television show cover a variety of DNR initiatives and other natural resources topics of interest.
Explore Bowhunting A video about youth involvement in Michigan bowhunting.
How Much Do You Know About Michigan's Civil War Battle Flags? Learn about Michigan's 3rd Infantry Regiment flag. Michigan Historical Center Director Sandra Clark and education staff member Eric Perkins explain the history behind this particular flag from Grand Rapids, and explain why being the flag bearer came with some very big risks.
Shields of Gold: DNR Conservation Officers This video montage, set to music, illustrates the work DNR conservation officers perform in the course of protecting Michigan's natural resources and environment.

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