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    • DNR fisheries crews go out at night to electro-fish the Detroit River for Great Lakes muskellunge. Great Lakes muskie-rearing program has been decades in the making The Department of Natural Resources' conversion from northern muskellunge to Great Lakes muskies for its stocking program is going swimmingly now, but it took a long time to get here. Switching from the northern strain - native to only the westernmost tip of the Upper Peninsula - to the more widespread, native Great Lakes strain has been on the DNR's wish list for decades. It's finally happening.
    • Volunteers load rock to be placed around the foundation of the Sturgeon Point Lighthouse. Travel and tourism pros help renovate Sturgeon Point Lighthouse A unique partnership between the Department of Natural Resources, Grand Valley State University and members of the Michigan travel and tourism industry (a group called Michigan Cares for Tourism) is paying big dividends for Michigan by refurbishing state resources and upgrading the kinds of attractions that help sustain the industry - an industry that generates $22 billion a year for Michigan's economy.
    • Drummond Island Elementary School student with trees he’s about to plant at the DNR’s GEMS site. Kids, sportsmen help DNR improve Drummond Island grouse habitat A recent work day at a DNR recreation site on Drummond Island had it all: local sportsmen, statewide conservation clubs, public employees, citizen volunteers. And kids. Thirty-five of them. The event was a tree- and shrub-planting day at the state Grouse Enhanced Management Site (GEMS). It brought together groups with varying purposes to fulfill one mission: improve the habitat for ruffed grouse and other species on the northern Lake Huron island.


    • Michiganology Michiganology creates the opportunity to live out your Michigan pride by owning unique merchandise made from vintage images at the Michigan Historical Center.
    • DNR Segments from Q1 Buck Pole These short video segments from the Q1 Buck Pole television show cover a variety of DNR initiatives and other natural resources topics of interest.
    • Explore Bowhunting A video about youth involvement in Michigan bowhunting.
    • Shields of Gold: DNR Conservation Officers This video montage, set to music, illustrates the work DNR conservation officers perform in the course of protecting Michigan's natural resources and environment.



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  • Ed Golder: DNR
  • Brad Wurfel: DEQ