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    • Two students show each other nature photos taken on cellphones at the Spring Hill School Forest. School forests provide valuable legacy of learning

      Forests can be a lot of things, depending on one’s perspective – even a classroom. The state’s school forest program, which began back in the 1920s, provides outdoors classrooms that offer unique opportunities for teachers and students to learn and find inspiration in nature.

    • USDA biologist Aaron Bowden releases GPS transmitter-harnessed snowy owl at Waterloo Recreation Area DNR aids effort to study, help snowy owls

      People across Michigan this winter have been reporting an influx of snowy owls from their Arctic tundra home territory. The reason the owls unpredictably travel so far south is not well understood by biologists, but the behavior is linked to food supply, the number of chicks the owls produce in a given year and weather. The DNR’s Wildlife Disease Laboratory is helping researchers with “Project SNOWstorm” determine the potential environmental effects of the owls’ southward journeys.

    • two deer in forest with snow falling and snow on the ground What a difference a year makes

      With the effects of one of the strongest El Nino weather patterns on record – warmer Pacific Ocean waters producing atmospheric changes in weather thousands of miles away – this winter certainly is different than last. As a result, weather forecasters predict above-average temperatures and drier winter conditions across the northern tier of the country, including Michigan. DNR wildlife biologists have been fielding inquiries about how milder conditions might be affecting wildlife this winter.


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      These episodes from Ask the DNR cover a variety of DNR topics of interest.

    • Michiganology Michiganology creates the opportunity to live out your Michigan pride by owning unique merchandise made from vintage images at the Michigan Historical Center.
    • DNR Segments from Q1 Buck Pole

      These short video segments from the Q1 Buck Pole television show cover a variety of DNR initiatives and other natural resources topics of interest.

    • Explore Bowhunting A video about youth involvement in Michigan bowhunting.



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