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How to Acquire Parcels


Lands identified as Class 2 parcels are only available to governmental agencies and Alternate Conservation Owners.  Lands identified as Class 3 parcels, however, can be acquired by the general public either by purchase or exchange.  Exchange proposals can be submitted to the Department at any time (See Land Exchange). Sale of available lands will be done by sealed bid auction. One or more auctions are scheduled each year. Those properties remaining after the auction can be purchased directly from the Department (See Land Sale).


To monitor the list of lands available to you as: a governmental agency, an alternate conservation owner, or the general public go to Land Sale.  You will be able to review a list of parcels in each county that are currently available for purchase or exchange.


Please note that all lands are being offered first to governmental agencies. The general schedule of release for lands in each county is shown below.

  1. Lands will first be offered to Governmental Agencies for 30 days, followed by Alternate Conservation Owner's (ACO) for 30 days.
  2. After 60 days, Class 3 parcels will be available to the General Public for exchange only for other privately-owned lands within a Department Project Boundary or other lands of significant resource or recreational value. 
  3. All remaining Class 3 parcels will be offered for sale through a Sealed Bid Auction.
  4. Any Class 3 parcels remaining after the Sealed Bid Auction will be available for Direct Purchase.

Note also that the DNRE retains the right to handle the disposal of a parcel in a manner that best meets the public's and DNRE's needs and interests.

On occasion, the best interest of the public and the DNRE may not be served by disposal of a parcel(s) through this process. Conveyances to resolve a trespass, boundary dispute, the opportunity for an outstanding exchange of significant benefit to the public, or other important considerations may supercede the steps outlined in the disposal of these parcels.

The Department's interest is in acquiring private parcels within its Project Boundaries, or other lands of significant resource or recreational value. For this reason, offers of Exchange can take precedence over any other transaction of Class 3 parcels, including offers to other Governmental Agencies and ACO's.


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