Scheduled DNR Timber Marker and Cruisers Certification Classes

The contractor, or the contractor's representative, must be certified before a bid can be placed.  A bid may be rejected if the contractor has not maintained certification. In addition, certification will be checked before field work can begin. A contractor may become eligible for pre-qualification with only Items 1 to 4 of the Timber Marker and Cruiser Task Book complete, but field work cannot begin until the contractor or his/her representative is fully certified. All field workers for the contractor must also be certified. A detailed explanation of certification is included in the Timber Marker and Cruiser Task Book.


Upper Peninsula - Newberry
Wednesday, June 7, 2017, at 9 a.m.
Newberry CSC, 5100 State Hwy-123, Newberry, MI 49868
Instructor - Don Kuhr 906-341-2518
Bring your own lunch

Lower Peninsula - Gaylord
Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017, at 9 a.m.
1732 West M-32, Gaylord, MI 49735
Instructors - Tim Greco 989-732-3541 x5041
Bring your own lunch