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Commercial Timber Sales -

  • OverviewTimber is periodically offered for sale from state-managed forest land. Sales are conducted for the purposes of harvesting mature and over mature trees, responding to past or predicted insect and disease outbreaks, salvaging fire-damaged trees, enhancing wildlife habitat and improving health of forest trees. All harvests are designed to enhance growth of the residual trees or to promote full and prompt regeneration.
  • Sales and Removal of Timber from State ForestsThe sale of timber from state forests contribute substantially to the forest products-based industry and the welfare of all citizens of Michigan.
  • State Forest Timber Sale Contract General Conditions & Requirements - 06/17/2014 PDF iconTimber sales on state-managed forest land are conducted under a State Forest Timber Sale Contract. These contracts contain general and specific conditions and requirements. The general conditions are common to all contracts. The specific conditions are unique to an individual contract. This document contains the current version of the General Conditions and Requirements which is included with all State Forest Timber Sale Contracts.
  • Sustainable Forestry EducationStumpage purchasers, their employees, their contractors, and their subcontractors shall have adequate training, sufficient for their roles and responsibilities. Purchasers are required to have their state timber sales closely supervised by staff that have a current certificate of completion of Michigan Sustainable Forestry Education (SFE), or alternatively, of Wisconsin Forest Industry Safety and Training Alliance (FISTA) training.
  • Instructions for Bidding on State Forest Timber Sale Contracts - 03/08/2013 PDF iconInstructions for bidding on State Forest Timber Sale Contracts are given in the attached. These instructions are also included with each timber sale prospectus.
  • State Forest Timber Sale ProspectusesProspectus information regarding the purchase of standing timber (stumpage) is posted on this web page. Interested parties can also receive notices by mail. Prospective bidders interested in receiving notice of sales may be placed on the mailing list for select management units or statewide. Bidders not on a list, and wishing to be added, may contact the Division Office (Department of Natural Resources, Forest Resources Division, PO Box 30452, Lansing MI 48909-7952, phone 517-284-5903, e-mail: or their local management unit office.
  • Automatic Clearing House (ACH) and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments PDF iconThis link provides instructions for making ACH or EFT payments on State Forest Timber Sale Contracts.
  • Forest Resources Division Timber Sale Contacts PDF iconThis list provides timber sale contact names and phone numbers for each management unit of the state forest.
  • Forest CertificationOn Jan. 12, 2006, then-DNR Director Rebecca A. Humphries announced the certification of Michigan's state forest as being sustainably managed by SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The effective date for SFI certification was Dec. 14, 2005, and the effective date for FSC certification was Dec. 31, 2005. This means that stumpage from the state forests can be considered certified wood.
  • Beech Bark Disease

    American beech wood products with bark still attached, other than chips, are not to be transported from counties infested with beech scale to or through uninfested beech counties in the Lower Peninsula or to Wisconsin from July 15 to November 15. Beech scale is mobile at this time of year and can move from infested wood to live beech.

    Exception: Truckloads containing beech originating in an infested county in the Lower Peninsula can be transported through uninfested counties to another infested county in the Lower Peninsula provided the truck takes the most direct route using only primary roads and does not stop in uninfested counties.

    Beech wood products originating within the Upper Peninsula can be transported without restrictions during this period within the Upper Peninsula only.

    Counties infested with beech scale are shown here.

Bid Reports, Prices and Unsold Sales

  • Bid Summary ReportsResults of sealed bid, lump sum bidding on state forest timber sales.
  • Stumpage Price ReportsThe purpose of the Stumpage Price Report is to summarize bid prices from historic state forest timber sales to provide DNR staff base information for determining a minimum acceptable bid for future timber sales.
  • Stumpage Prices Over Time Excel iconExcel spreadsheet showing price trends of major species/products on the State Forest since January 2005 (FY05, 2nd quarter). Data is shown for oak, pine, aspen, sugar maple and other hardwoods. The Anderson Index, which is an overall price index, is also included.
  • Timber Prices on the WebLooking for timber prices outside of Michigan? Use this page to find links and explanations of what free information is available from others states. If you're selling timber, be sure to also check this general advice for selling timber.
  • Sawmill PricesWondering what mills are offering for delivered logs? Contact local sawmills to find today's delivered log prices. Sawmills can be found by visiting Michigan Forest Products Industry and clicking on "Directory Queries."
  • Unsold Timber Sales Excel iconAdvertised state forest timber sales sometimes go unsold. These sales are often available on a "first-come, first-served" basis for those purchasers willing to pay the advertised price. This link contains a list of unsold sales, updated monthly, which may be available for immediate purchase. Contact the office indicated for availability and additional information. Once the link is clicked, choose the "Link to Last Prospectus" option to view the sale conditions and requirements, map, price and species/products.

Standing Timber Sale

  • State Forest Timber Sale ProspectusesState forest timber sales are periodically advertised on prospectuses. Past and present prospectuses are available for review.
  • Timbersource.comChoose the Timber Sales tab, then search on Michigan, then Public Sales for DNR Sales and Prospectuses.