Bid Summary Reports (Advertisement Results)

The Bid Summary Reports are shown by date and bid opening location. Bid Summary Reports are generated from timber sale bid openings which are advertised in timber sale prospectuses. Bid openings occur on a regular basis through out the state.

You can be placed on a list to receive emails when prospectuses are published or to receive notification of bid opening results. You can receive these emails for bid openings for one office, a few offices or for all offices in the state.

For notification of when prospectuses or bid summaries are posted, please contact If you have questions regarding the timber sale contracting process, please contact The state forest system is managed by Forest Resources Division (FRD).

The .pdf format is a printable version of the report. The .csv format is a spreadsheet version and is not print ready. This version is for those who wish to manipulate the data, copy to another spreadsheet, or input into a database. To set the proper column widths in Microsoft Excel:

  1. Double-click the .CSV file, which should open in Excel if you are using Microsoft software.
  2. Click the upper-leftmost square where the header column and header row intersect. This will select, i.e. highlight, the entire sheet.
  3. Double-click the vertical 'sizing-bar' in the column header row between the 'A' and the 'B' column header, i.e. the vertical line '|' between the cell with 'A' and the cell with 'B'.
  4. The column widths will automatically be adjusted.

Login Information
Access to the Bid Summary Reports may require a user name and password. The user name is anonymous and the password will be your email address.