Make a Pledge to Get Outdoors!

To help you get started we have created a page so you can keep track of your activities during the six day event. After filling out the page send a copy to us and we will send you a copy of "Nature News," a newsletter developed to help you learn and explore the outdoors.

If you need ideas visit "Five Things to do Outdoors Each Day."

Send your completed log to:
Michigan Department of Natural Resources,
Office of Communications,
P.O. Box 30028,
Lansing, MI 48909.

Log for six-days of activities.

Instructions for Outdoor pledge card:

  1. Print page
  2. Clip out Pledge card
  3. Fold on dotted line
  4. Sign your card
  5. Tape the edges together with clear plastic tape
  6. Get Outside!

Print out these pledges and sign them. Kids, keep your card with you at all times.

Kids Pledge Card

Teacher and Parent Pledge

Being a part of the outside world and having new experiences there is something to be proud of! After a child has attended a first campfire of caught their first fish, open and print one of these fun certificates as a keepsake!

  • First Campfire Certificate PDF
  • First Campfire Certificate Half Page PDF
  • First Fish Certificate PDF
  • First Fish Certificate Half Page PDF