Trapper Education Courses

The purpose of the Trapper Education Program is to help individuals throughout the U.S. acquire the knowledge, skill, attitude, and judgment to selectively and responsibly trap furbearing animals. Michigan offers two options for trapper education: traditional classroom and online. Traditional classroom is instructor-led. Find a traditional trapper education class.

Some states and provinces require a field day in addition to the online program to have a valid trapper education certification. The Michigan trapper education certificate meets the trapper education requirements of those states and provinces. In order to receive a Michigan trapper education certificate, a student must complete the skills/field day portion of a traditional class and take the Michigan student examination. It is recommended that students pre-register for the field-day portion of a traditional class before taking the online course. Students can find a field day at The online course is free of charge at click on "North American Trapper Education Program").

There may be fees associated with the traditional course and/or field-day portion of the training. Trapper education is not required in Michigan; however, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the conservation community strongly encourage new trappers to take advantage of the educational opportunities of the traditional and online trapper education courses.