Teacher and Chaperone Guide

We need your help to ensure a positive, fun and educational experience for your students!

General Guidelines

Please be on time for your visit. Showing up late will result in elements of your program being eliminated or a canceled program. Do not arrive substantially early because prior to your arrival we will be preparing for your program.

When you arrive to the Visitor Center, please have students wait outside the front entrance. We will be out to meet you shortly.


Your group is welcome to eat lunch during your visit. We have an outdoor picnic area and a large lawn area for your use. We prefer that you eat after your scheduled program to ensure that we begin at the scheduled time. There is not an indoor area for you to use for lunch.


Please be sure that all trash from lunches is put into a proper receptacle. It is not acceptable to leave bags, boxes and miscellaneous items outside the receptacle. If you require additional receptacles, please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please be respectful of other visitors while at the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery Visitor Center. Students should be reminded that they are guests and should be mindful of those visitors not with their group.

State law protects all plants and animals on the property of the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery. Collecting is not allowed.


  • Chaperone help is critical to the success of the field trip.
  • Students should be under the direct supervision of these adult chaperones at all times.
  • We require a minimum 1:10 chaperone to student ratio.
  • We strongly encourage that each attending chaperone is responsible for a predetermined group of students.
  • We request that chaperones set their phones to vibrate or silent.
  • Eating and the chewing of gum is discouraged during presentations.
  • Restroom facilities should be monitored by chaperones during group use.