Jennison Exhibit Hall

The Jennison Exhibit Hall reveals the little known treasures of Saginaw Bay: a rich kaleidoscope of wetland resources--fisheries, wildflowers, waterfowl and other wildlife.

  • At the touch of a button see how the bay and its unique coastal wetlands were formed.
  • Compose a symphony of wetland sounds at the marsh music display.
  • Watch the marsh wildlife up-close on a big screen through a remote video surveillance camera.
  • Play one of the interactive computer games that demonstrate the importance of the Saginaw Bay area in Michigan's rich history of fishing, lumbering, shipping and agriculture.

    Inside the center's auditorium, visitors will enjoy The Saginaw Bay Story, an inspiring nine-projector multi-image slide show that features colorful panoramic photographs of the bay and its shoreline, and includes the reminiscences of Frank N. Andersen, a Saginaw philanthropist and last surviving member of the Tobico Hunting and Fishing Club, who donated the Tobico Marsh property to the state of Michigan in 1957.

    The wildlife observation room provides a picturesque view of birds and small mammals in a natural setting.