Big Sable River

Three fishermen stand in river at sunset Winding through the sand dunes for one mile is the Big Sable River that connects Hamlin Lake to Lake Michigan. The shallow and clear water of the Big Sable makes for great fishing both at the Hamlin Dam and down river, a popular river to tube down, and for watching wildlife.

Waterfowl meander in and out of the river, minks scamper along the rocky shoreline, turtles of all kinds soak up the heat of the sun on the rocks logs protruding above the waterline, and the occasional river otter takes a peek at visitors, because they are as curious about you as you are with them.

In autumn, thousands of large salmon come in the river from Lake Michigan as part of the salmon spawning season. In the winter the river never freezes over thus attracting unique birds to call this their winter home. Bald Eagles are often seen snatching up fish and rousting in nearby trees. Bufflehead Ducks from upper Canada spend winters at the river. Though the river might not be long, it offers something for everyone.