Winter Programs

The following programs are offered to school groups from January through March. Signup begins in October.

Handful of rocks Michigan Rocks (4th grade - adult)
Michigan Rocks is a fun program that gets students to think about what a stone or rock means to them when they are outdoors. That rock they pick up or look at in their schoolyard or anywhere else holds a wealth of information. It is a science lesson and history lesson wrapped in this hard natural form.

Rocks tell us stories just like science and history books tell stories. Students will learn how to unlock these stories by observing and feeling rocks. They'll discover that our Great Lakes State has not always looked as it does today. This program can be done either in the park or as an outreach program in the classroom.

Snowshoes Snowshoeing (3rd grade - adult)
Experience what it is like to walk in snowshoes! Students will learn how snowshoes have been an important part of survival through thousands of years, especially in the Great Lakes region. Students will be fitted in a pair of snowshoes for an exciting walk in the park.

During the snowshoe walks, we will discuss the unique, natural and historic resources in Ludington State Park.

The program begins at the Warming Shelter, which is heated and has space for group meals with an outdoor firepit for cooking.

Birds in winter Winter Birds (1st - 3rd grades)
The Sable River in Ludington State Park becomes a winter home for large populations of birds. Students discover why birds find this area such a popular spot to spend the whole winter season. Students can see birds up close, and see some species that are not present during the summer. Students learn why these birds don't freeze their feet in the icy cold river.

Starting at the Warming Shelter, students get a brief introduction to winter birds using mounted specimens. The highlight of this program is a walk along the river to see the birds. Sorry, please do not feed the wild birds. We will explain why it is better not to feed "people food" to the birds.