Old Growth Trail (1 1/4 miles)
The 1 ¼ mile Old Growth Trail is a paved trail that takes visitors through the Old Growth Forest (360 to 410 years old trees). The 49 acres of towering, ancient pines reach heights of over 160 feet and walking along the trail, visitors are taken back in time when much of northern Michigan was dominated by old growth pine forests. Although the famous "Monarch" is no longer living, there are individual white pines that rival the Monarch in size, age and beauty. The Old growth Trail also guides visitors past the Chapel of the Pines and eventually leads visitors to the Logging Museum.

Mertz Grade Trail (2 miles)
This level trail takes visitors through lowland forests and mixed forests, thick with low growing plants; excellent cover for wildlife. In the winter months, this trail sees the most wildlife activity. Snowshoe hare, ruffed grouse, fox, bobcat and white-tailed deer tracks are abundant. This trail also boasts excellent wildflower viewing opportunities in the spring.

AuSable Trail (3 1/2 miles)
Our most scenic trail, the AuSable River Trail guides hikers through a winding trail that crosses over the East Branch of the AuSable River twice. This trail also takes visitors through a grove of old growth Eastern Hemlock. Stepping into this forest is truly a unique experience. Much of the trail winds through plantations of red pine that were planted by the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) back in the 1930s. Excellent birding opportunities are found along this trail.

Bright and Glory Trail (¼ mile)
This short trail leads hikers from the campground to Bright and Glory Lakes. Hikers will travel through forest openings and may encounter some of the bird species that frequent open range habitats. Nice ¼ mile trail and easy for all ages.

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