Required Scientific Collector's Permit and Instructions

Instructions for Current Participants

If you participated this past year, you do not need to reapply. Return your stocking permit with the reverse side filled out completely via email to Polly Gray or fax to 517-373-1547.

Instructions for New Participants

Once you have been accepted into the program, you must apply for a Scientific Collector's Permit. This permit is required by law and will automatically be reissued each fall to teachers that remain in good standing.
Follow the instructions below.

Permit Application Instructions

  1. Go to the online application
  2. Read and agree to the General Provisions.
  3. Check New.
  4. Complete contact information (name, address, etc.) in the top section of the application.
  5. You may skip the next section marked Student, Study, Major Professor. This permit is primarily intended for researchers and university students and this section is not applicable to you as a Salmon in the Classroom participant.
  6. Under Permit Type, check Salmon in the Classroom.
  7. Under Type of Specimen to be Collected, check Fish.
  8. Under Explain Detailed Study Plans, you may insert the following: "Obtain salmon eggs for the purpose of raising them until spring 2009 when they will be released into a pre-approved stocking location."
  9. Select NO for "Will fish be marked..."
  10. Select the Common Name of Species Chinook Salmon
  11. Number you Desire to Collect is 200 since as a first year you are picking up older eyed eggs from a fish hatchery.
  12. Short and Long Range Disposition of Animals fill in "Smolts will be planted in the spring of the year they are released
  13. In the Method of Collection Box, list the name of the weir or hatchery where you will be picking up your eggs (i.e. Wolf Lake Fish Hatchery, Oden, or Thompson).
  14. Enter the nearest Great Lake under Collection 1, leave all other spaces blank.
  15. Click Submit.
  16. A note will show up in the bottom box that says "your application has been submitted--thank you......."