Educator vs. Facilitator Workshops

Educator workshops
These workshops help educators become familiar with Project WILD and the materials provided. K-12 usually 6 hours long, K-12 plus Aquatic are 8 hours. The Growing Up WILD workshops (for educators working with 3-7 year olds) are 4 hours long.

The Grow as We Go activityOh, Deer! activity with teachers showing shelterTeachers outside during a winter workshop

Facilitators Workshops
Facilitator's workshops involve training educators who are interested in taking the next step and supporting Project WILD. Once trained, facilitators can establish and conduct their own Project WILD workshops. They must agree to run 2 workshops in a 3 year period to remain active facilitators. Workshops are only run every 2 years or so as needed to fill gaps across the state.

Real WILD workshops
These specialized workshops are designed to immerse educators in a weekend long learning experience that teaches natural resource management, meeting field biologists or learning about some of Michigan's native habitats.

Workshop fees may vary based on arrangements but the base cost is $35/person if just the Workshop only covers the K-12 Activity Guide or $50/person if the Aquatic Guide or Growing Up WILD Guide are covered too. Lunch and lodging are extra, and may be charged by facilitator at each workshop.