Comments from 2016 Iron Belle Challenge hike participants

  • "We, Troop 323 of Freeland, Michigan, had a great 10 mile hike along the Tawas Pedestrian and Bike Trail and then had picnic lunch in East Tawas City Park and went to DQ after for desert. Initially told you 20 attendees, but we actually has 23 total hikers. We plan on doing a stewardship project on 9/24 and will hike again next June."
  • "Troop 711 had 30 participates walking the trail in lower Huron.  We had a great time."  
  • "My group had a blast doing the Challenge for our first time this year. We saw a white tailed deer and a snapping turtle among all the other beautiful wild life on our path. We attacked 2 miles of the Clinton River Park for our portion of the trail. I have attached several pictures here and am going to send a second email with our other 3. Thanks for helping us choose this beautiful section of the trail and we look forward to partaking in the Challenge next year!"
  • "Here are the other pics from GS Troop 71446. What a great experience for our kids! None of my troop, nor my family knew of this path.  I am going to make sure they all know, it is awesome! We will help clean up this part of the path for the 2nd part of the badge. Can't wait to get back out there."
  • "Thank you (DNR) for organizing the hike again this year. We're looking forward to participating a 3rd year next year!! Troop and Pack 325, Battle Creek."