Outdoor Adventure Center

Outdoor Adventure Center - Detroit, MI
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Outdoor Adventure Center - Detroit, MI
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Welcome to the Outdoor Adventure Center

The State of Michigan, Department of Natural Resources along with numerous other partners will soon open the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC), a facility that will house exhibits, displays, and hands-on simulators introducing visitors to features in state parks, recreation areas, beaches, trails, and harbors.

Various simulated activities will provide outdoor recreation experiences, while exhibits and displays will show the natural and cultural resources found in Michigan.

The OAC is located across from the William G. Milliken State Park & Harbor at the intersection of Atwater St. and the Dequindre Cut Trail.

Transforming the Globe Building into the Outdoor Adventure Center

Extensive work is underway to change the former steam engine factory into what will become a 43,000 sq. foot, three-story must-see destination.

View photos highlighting construction progress:

What will the inside of the Outdoor Adventure Center Look Like?

View the latest floor plans for the Outdoor Adventure Center (PDF Document, 5,110 KB)

View a floor-by-floor presentation of potential exhibit areas (PDF Document, 6,644 KB)

How is the project being funded?

While Natural Resources Trust Funds have been allocated towards the acquisition of the building, we are conducting a fundraising campaign to purchase the exhibits, displays, and simulators that will go into the OAC.

How can I help in your fundraising effort?

Your support of this project is important. It will assist us in funding the development of the exhibits, display, and simulators that are being created for use in the Outdoor Adventure Center. It also demonstrates the support the community has for a facility like this, and allows the DNR the ability to seek other sources of funding, especially when a match amount is required.

Through a unique public-private partnership arrangement, The Detroit RiverFront Conservancy, a 501(c)(3) organization, is serving as the fiduciary for the project and will oversee the collection of funds.

Checks should be made out to the Detroit RiverFront Conservancy and mailed to:

DNR Outdoor Adventure Center
c/o Detroit RiverFront Conservancy
600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1720
Detroit, MI 48243-1802

To learn about in-kind donation opportunities and other ways to help, please contact us.

Additional sponsorship opportunities

We have sponsorship opportunities available for businesses and organizations who want to have a larger level of participation in the Outdoor Adventure Center. Click on the link below to view those opportunities.

Review the various sponsorship opportunities available

Articles and Stories About the Outdoor Adventure Center

For More Information

To learn more about the Outdoor Adventure Center project, contact:
Detroit Customer Service Center (housed within OAC): 313-396-6890
Linda Walter, Outdoor Adventure Center Director, 313-396-6876, WalterL4@michigan.gov or
Miguel Rodriguez, 517-284-6127, RodriguezM2@michigan.gov

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