Michigan Frog and Toad Survey Audio Training Files

These training audio files will help you learn the 13 species of frogs and toads that are found in Michigan. Most of the calls were recorded here in Michigan. Study the recordings so that you know the difference between the species and refer back to them when you hear something you are not sure how to identify. The species on the recordings are generally in the order that you would hear them from early spring to early summer. Suggested times and temperatures are included in the survey instructions. Keep in mind that frogs will sometimes call at lower temperatures than those suggested, but they are not usually calling at their peak abundance and the calls are generally slower in cooler temperatures.

Training Audio Files:

  1. Introduction
  2. Wood Frog Sound Sample
  3. Spring Peeper Sound Sample
  4. Western Chorus Frog Sound Sample
  5. Boreal Chorus Frog Sound Sample
  6. Northern Leopard Frog Sound Sample
  7. Pickerel Frog Sound Sample
  8. American Toad Sound Sample
  9. Eastern Gray Tree frog Sound Sample
  10. Cope's Gray Tree frog Sound Sample
  11. Blanchard's Cricket Frog Sound Sample
  12. Fowler's Toad Sound Sample
  13. Green Frog Sound Sample
  14. Mink Frog Sound Sample
  15. Bullfrog Sound Sample
  16. Example 1: Group of Frogs
  17. Example 2: Group of Frogs
  18. Estimating Populations: The Code Scale System
  19. Estimating Populations: Codes 0 and 1
  20. Estimating Populations: Code 1
  21. Estimating Populations: Code 2
  22. Estimating Populations: Code 3
  23. Mixed Species Chorus: Example 1
  24. Mixed Species Chorus: Example 2
  25. Mixed Species Chorus: Example 3
  26. Conclusion

You can download all of the above tracks as one continuous audio file (35MB) by right clicking the following link and choosing to save it (either Save Link or Save Target, depending on the browser you're using): Complete MI Frog & Toad Survey Audio in one MP3 File.