Green Darner Dragonfly (Anax junius)

Life History

Family: Aeshnidae

Order: Odonata

The green darner is one of 38 species of dragonflies common in the United States and Southern Canada.

Description: Green darners are large, showy dragonflies with silvery iridescent wings. Its' body length of 2 ¼" to 3 ½", bulbous compound eyes, emerald green thorax with a stripe of deep garnet running down the middle of its' blue abdomen, make this dragonfly easy to identify.

Behavior: The adults are strong fliers; pattern of movement is fast in a straight line with double backs of "back and forth." Its' wings move in synchronization.

Viewing: Can be seen in early spring through fall. They will rest on vegetation near bodies of water.

Impacts: Rechannelization of rivers, chemical applications, drainage of wetlands, loss of vegetation along lakes, rivers, and streams, and human collection.

You Can Help:

  • Maintain native aquatic vegetation in aquatic habitats.
  • Maintain a vegetated buffer strip along shorelines.
  • Enjoy these beneficial insects by learning more about their role in identifying a healthy aquatic environment.

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