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Feral Swine Reporting Form (online version for submitting electronically)


Today's Date:
City: State: ZIP:
Phone number:
Email address:

Note: Only the county location will be reported to the general public. Specific township, range, and section information will be for internal use only.

Date of Event:
County Event Occurred:
Nearest Town to Event:
Nearest Crossroads:
Township: Range: Section:

Was this a:
(please check the event type and fill out the appropriate section below)

1. Feral Swine Sighting
2. Feral Swine Harvest
3. Report of Feral Swine Sign/Activity

1. Feral Swine Sighting
Estimated number of adults observed: Estimated number of piglets observed:

2. Feral Swine Harvest
Estimated number of adults harvested: Estimated number of piglets harvested:

3. Report of Feral Swine Sign/Activity
(Check all that apply)

Tracks Scat/Droppings Rooting Wallows Rubs Trail Camera Pictures
Crop Damage Crop Type(s):

Please check the following box if you can provide feral swine photos. We will contact you for details.

Additional Comments/Remarks Regarding Sighting:

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